Help with next steps in leveling

so I’m a bit stagnant on who next?? opinions and help much appreciated

what I have:

(I have 3 of each color fully leveled 3 stars)

4-70 BT, Wilbur, Colen

1-1 Gormek x2, scarlet x3, sir lancelot, kelie

5* unleveled Zimkitha, Elena I have enough mats to level one 5

4-70 Kiril, Sonya

1-1 Grimm x2,Triton x2, Boril, kiril

5* unleveld Magni, Isarnia, Aegir I have mats for one 5

4-70 Gaderius

unleveled Caedmon, melendor, skittle and Elkanen mats for another 4 but not a 5

4-70 Chao

unleveled Li Xiu x2 Hu Tao

Rana and Viv are 3-70 but no darts for 4th stripe

4-70 Proteus, Rigard

unlevel cyprian x2, sabina, proteus, tib x2 boomer gafar

Sartana 4-15, and sartana 1-1

I just got caed and melendor this week and i’d think having another green and yellow would be smart but I could also get 3 fully leveled 5 stars going.

I like all aspects of the game raids, wars and titans but I really only revenge raid.

Any opinions would be awesome.

Red: Zim
Blue: Magni and Grimm (Edit: erased Kiril since you already got one)
Green: Mel and Caed (Mel first since you only have one pure healer and healer are important for war)
Yellow: none
Purple: Tiburtus

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Red: Zimkitha. She does several things that are very useful. Elena’s special is a little underwhelming.

Blue: Grimm first, then Magni. You’re very short on damage dealers, and Grimm hits hard and boosts the damage of your other heroes.

Green: Caedmon, then Melendor. Caedmon is a good midle-level sniper. Kiril, Rigard and BT (and Gaderius) are perfectly fine for quite some time managing the healing that your teams need.

Yellow: Like Xiu. The aoe mana decrease is actually quite useful. You don’t have v the currently stack yellow, and adding her to the mix would be an improvement in your flexibility.

Purple: Tiburtius. He’s a strong striker, and improves the damage of the rest of the team.


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