Help with Next Red 5*

I need help on which Red 5* to max next, please. I currently have maxed and emblemed:
Black Knight at 17 tabs, Marjana at 19 tabs, C. Boldtusk at 1 tab, Wilbur at 7 tabs, and Gormek (no costume) at 1 tab. My choices are Yang Mai (who as a monk may never get emblems, I have an over abundance of monks), Baldur (who I have 845 emblems available for), Noor (also can’t have emblems at this time), Rueben (no emblems here either) and Santa (another monk). I’m thinking Baldur is my best choice, but wanted to make sure. Thanks in advance.

I would go for Baldur


Baldur is a stud with emblems. Seeing you can bulk him up, I’d ascend him.

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