Help with my team!


Need a bit of help with my team! I’m kinda new to the game, been playing since aug/sep. I’ve got a main team, all 4 * on the third tier, close to 3:60. Chao, Caedmon, Boldtusk, Rigard and Grimm. I plan to ascend them all once I get the mats. I can ascend a nature and ice right now, and one orb away from ascending a holy!

I also got Jackal, who is 3:1. And then kind of lost as to who I should work on next. Started on Tib, Kelile, Little John and Sonya.
. But I also got Hu Tao, LiXiu, Melendor, Sabina, Gormek, Agwe, Boril and Sumitomo. And 5* s Aegir, Misandra, Kaghan and Natalya.

I figure I should work on the 4* s first since I’m no where near close to be able to ascend a 5*.
But who should I focus on? Need a little advice! Also sorry for the grammar, not my first language! :slight_smile:

That’s a great front five of your 4*, so keep working on them. Grimm and Caedmon will stick with you for a long time.

You’re right on finishing the 4* team before you worry about the 5*'s.

I’d finish Chao before moving on to Jackal. Jackal is great, but he really shines when he’s paired with another strong Holy (which will be Chao, for you, at this time). Stand alone he doesn’t stand up well to punishment.

After those, I like where you’re going with Tib, Kelile, LJ, and Sonja. The only exception I might make is Melandor as opposed to LJ if you feel like you don’t have enough healers (with Rigard being your only real one).


Thank you for your reply!! Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about jackal and Chao, I always pair them! And jackal’ s kind of fragile, dies easily. I will go with your advice! :+1:t3:
And I like Chao, I think he’s cool and useful. And he is like the only holy one I got besides jackal that I like playing with so… :joy:

Ok, yes Melendor is maybe a better way to go! I have some healers like Belith and Hawkmoon maxed but they are limited and I need more 4* ones. So Melendor, Tib, Kelile, jackal and Sonya next then. :blush: Thank you!

You’ve already got some great advice, and it seems like you’re already on the right track, so I’ll just echo a few things. Continue working on your 4* before bothering with the 5*. If you have 3* and you need more heroes for war, or want to participate in the beginner tier of challenge events, I’d start leveling them after your 4*. They’re very quick and cheap to level in comparison, and will help round out your roster quickly. Especially if you don’t have six solid teams leveled for war is when I’d definitely start work on the 3*, so something to consider.

Now, your main five are all great. Boldtusk is probably the best regular red 4* with an amazing heal and buff, and Grimm is definitely the best pulverizer and blue 4*. Same with Caedmon, since most of the regular green 4* aren’t all that spectacular. Rigard is the only 4*, and one of the few characters, that can cleanse- so he’s another worth ascending. The only one I’m iffy on is Chao. He’s good, I just like Wu Kong better. If you ever get Wu, get him in the works asap for events and titans.

With the characters you’ve listed, I think you’ve chosen the best out of the bunch to start with. Now I’m going to list the order I’d recommend leveling the heroes [that you’ve listed] for each color.

Red: Boldtusk for amazing buff and heal, Gormek for titans, Sumitomo for something different, Kelile for fast sniper, Natalya for fast hit and lowered mana gen, Khagan last

Blue: Grimm since he’s the best, Sonya for the fast dispel, (if you’re close to having the mats) Misandra for the mana, Boril for mostly defensive purposes, Aegir for stuff, Agwe last because he sucks.

Green: Caedmon is probably the best regular green 4* so work with him some more, then Melendor for the dispel and heal, then Little John for the high attack stat and lowered mana gen.

Purple: Rigard is awesome so keep with him, then start on Tibs for titans and events, then Sabina for heal and dispel

Yellow: I’d finish with Chao since you’ve already started, but then get Jackal in the works asap. After that, I’d do Li Xiu for the mana control on all, and Hu Tao last.

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Wow, thank you for a very well-thought-out answer!
Haha nahh, poor Chao. But he is fast and he has a bird! :slight_smile: Yes, I’m short of a Wu Kong! Hope I get him soon, then I Will work on him asap!

I have some 3* maxed! Belith, Hawkmoon, Balhtazar, Valen, Melia and Namahage.
Bane, Berden, Brienne, Tyrum, Gato, Mnessus and Azar are on the way. I’m working one week on my four stars and feeding them every hero. The next week the 3 * so that I Will have more to choose from :slight_smile: I’m sub in the 3 * in raids and titans to Colorstack.
I don’t have six good teams yet, working on it!

Ok, thank you Very much, now I have a to do list! A very long one but fun!

Yeah Aegir… kind of think he sucks and I’ve got three of him. You may think I did pulls like crazy but it was just some and I got him three times… I hope I haven’t used up all my luck on him haha. Have almost a full team of Aegirs :wink:

Wu Kong has a great value when you fight Titans or raid a team that is stronger than yours, but his gambling is just annoying during farming. Personally I prefer Chao in this case as he is fast and predictable.

For any coming in future advice requirements please just try to post screenshots of your roster … this is way better for you and for who ever will try to help.

Yes, this.

My general gameplan/advice on leveling up a roster:

  1. Level up a 4* rainbow team; take them at least to 4/40 before moving on.
  2. Level up a second 4* rainbow team; if you get all 10 to ~4/40 before finishing any of them, you won’t be much worse for it, and those last levels just drag on and on and on.
    You will start using these heroes to color stack map levels, quests, and raids, alongside your first set, and it will make a big difference.
  3. As you collect 5* heroes and 4* ascension materials, start looking for your rainbow team of 5* heroes, and work on them. (Some 5* heroes are amazing at 3/70, and are worth jumping ahead of 4* heroes, but those are rare exceptions.)
  4. Start filling out your 30 heroes for war attacks. You can put maxed 3* heroes or partially leveled 4* heroes to good use here.

You’re very welcome, I know how confusing and overwhelming it can be at the beginning when you have so many characters that need leveling.

Wu Kong will be the most help to you for getting you mats to ascend your 4* and 5*. He’s great for titans and events, and can help you raid or complete quests that would usually be above your pay-grade. He’s obviously a gamble, but he helped me complete quests that I normally wouldn’t have been able to. Once you do get him, I’d suggest using your specials before setting him off, as it can really blow if your heroes miss. He will help increase your tile damage like no other, so I would use him specifically for that purpose.

Chao is better than given credit, I just prefer Wu and Jackal. He’ll be a great help to you in events and raids. Mana reduction is a very important tool to have at your disposal.

Now the jury is still out on Aegir, but I think he could be very useful as long as he’s used correctly. I haven’t figured out how exactly, but maybe paired with Wu his healing would take better effect. He’ll be nice for survivability, so he’s someone I would take in if I was shooting above what I usually could handle, as a safety net of sorts. Not the best choice, but I think he could work.

By feeding two different heroes in a color at the same time (though, it’s spread out over a few weeks), do you find it takes a long time? I’m just wondering, because typically it’s better to focus on one until they’re maxed or stuck, then move onto another til they’re done. If this method has been working for you then I wouldn’t change it, but if it isn’t then I’d stick to one at a time instead. Totally your call though; I completely understand the temptation to get a lot of your heroes leveled all at once, especially when you have so many.

Basically all of the 3* you’ve listed are the best, but I’ll list all of the ones you want to keep an eye out for just in case you either don’t have them, or haven’t worked on them yet:

Red: Hawkmoon, Nashgar (solid attacker), Azar and Namahage (missing Nashgar)

Blue: Valen, Ulmer (for defense down on all), Gunnar (for the spirit link) and Gato (missing Ulmer and Gunnar)

Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne, Mnesseus (looks like you have them all)

Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju (mana control), Kailani (another link) and Melia (missing Gan Ju and Kailani)

Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin (mana gen) and Gill-Ra (cleanse) (missing Chochin and Gill-Ra)

Those are the best 3* (not including seasonal), so they’re ones I would work on after you get a few teams of 4* together first. They’ll be fast and help you for stacking, war, and challenge events. The ones your missing could help you, but ultimately it’s up to you if you want to collect and level more. You already have quite a few good ones, I just think it’s better to have more options just in case. They’ll mostly be there for challenge events, since you’ll eventually get enough heroes to replace your 3* for war if you do a lot of pulls or run TC13 or 20.

Wow, if only I had known the questions to ask, lol.

Why do you say that?
Got a question now?

Regardless, I appreciate you rezzing this thread; gotta love the occasional walk down memory lane… lol
(Two years ago?! Whoa)


The funny part is that I usually don’t look at the post date when I read, and the moment I saw Jedon’s post I was “what?! He’s back??” only then I look at the dates and the magic goes away :sweat_smile:

Sorry, wishes are silly. You know what they say, hind sight is always 20/20. I always have questions, lol, just never relevant or know how to ask them. Thank you though. Blessings.

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