Help with my team building (+4000)

Hi everyone. I got some brand new 5* Heroes those last weeks so I wanna make some change in my defensive team. Here are the 5* in my Roster :




Lady Locke


My thoughts (based on my alliance’s advices) are :

  • Tyr ; Obakan ; Vivica ; Isarnia ; Lady Locke or
  • Obakan ; Tyr ; Ratatoskr ; Isarnia ; Joon (the issue with this one is the conflict between Joon and Ratatoskr for the emblems)

If you have some ideas, suggestions or advices, feel free to share it ! Thank you for your help everybody !

I would tank with J.F. and take advantage of the fact that you can have two sources of DoT to stack together with Locke next to him:

Obakan | Isarnia | J.F. | L. Locke | Joon

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I would go Tyr, Viv, Quin, Joon and Lady Lock

2,1,1,1 is becoming more frequent these days and it does work.

Belatedly, welcome to the forum.

Ditto what Dave suggested :smile:.
Btw Healer tanks tend to be an obvious target to dump tiles, unless you are facing the likes of Kunchen who also lowers your defence when he fires. Now if you have the Viv costume… :thinking:

Thank you all for your answers !

No Viv costum unfortunately…

I’ll give a shoot to your team proposal…
It will be a first for me to have no healer in my defensive team.
So far I’ve managed to stay above 2400 trophy with Caedmon, Vivica, Azar, Isarnia and Obakan. Let’s see if i can take it to another level.

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