Help with my next leveling projects

I am looking for some assistance to decide my next leveling projects. I am c2p (VIP only) and have been fighting since Sep 2018. I have built a pretty fair stable of 4* heroes and can now concentrate on upping those 5*s.

My current maxed 5*s are: Thorne, Leonidas, & Gravemaker.

These 5*s are either at 3/70 or thereabout: Mother North, Kadilen (c), Clarissa, Sartana, Snow White, Jean-Francois, & Sif.

Maxed 4*s include:
Melandor(c), Caedmon, Little John(c), Jack O’Hare, Buddy
Rigard, Tiburtus, Cyprian, Sabina, Proteus, Merlin
Kiril, Sonya(c), Grimm, Boril
Boldtusk, Colen, Scarlett, Wilbur, Sir Lancelot
Chao, HuTao, LiXiu, WoKong, Mist

  1. Should I max Mother North or Kadilen(c) as my first green 5*? I love MN, use her all the time, but feel she works pretty well at 3/70. Kadilen with costume seems really good, just don’t know.

  2. Sartana or Clarissa? I know the consensus on this is Clarissa, and I’m leaning that way, but in my army I kinda think a good sniper would be better.

  3. I’m working on BT’s costume. When finished, my 5* options are to finish JF, or move on to either Azlar(c), Puss-n-boots, or Noor.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and assistance. Good gaming!

I am C2P for 26 months and turned to F2P just in June.
I would love to see:

  • MN. then Kadilen with her costume will be next on green.
  • Clarissa, unless you are lucky enough to have Sartana Costume quickly, I would choose Sartana over Clarissa.
  • JC then follow by Puss.

Just my personal thoughts

I think I would tend to agree but would give more love to costumed azlar.

Same here. @angkritr is right.
in green MN will also give you healing in the 5* as well as resurrection
in red though I might do Puss first… just because you already have Gravemaker. Puss would give you a different set of skills to use. But JF is a great hero too. I use JF and GM together a lot.

Thanks for the input. Still mulling it over.

I have cKadilen +12 in my defence, and as often as possible in my attacks. She is excellent, especially in attack where I can appreciate her. I will purposefully set off AoE enemies when the dodge buff is active as it leads to many of my team not only taking no damage but increasing their effective health, plus having some minion attack nuisance.
She is my new favourite hero. For context I am a mid range player - level 49, with 8 other maxed legendaries. She got the love ahead of Atomos and cElk.

I also have and use a Clarissa +8 and she is ok…

You have some v good options to choose from. No wrong choices from what I see (perhaps not Noor though!)