Help with my lineup I've got some good heroes I think

What lineup would you run for defense?

Which heroes should I focus on leveling and why

I have no idea what I’m doing :joy:

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As for the leveling and ascending?? That’s always a tough call.

EDIT: I guess the next wave I’d suggest is: Gefjon, Kunchen, Joon, Richard, Bertila2?

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Hi @cashboard :wave:

Here is a link to some members’ views about particular 5* herios which may help you understand why leveling some heros before others have appeal to certain members; manynof the posts there explain why they choose some HEROS

Happy leveling!

I would easily level Elizabeth, she might be one of the best heroes in the game, time will tell. Then I would do Ureaus, not only is he a super counter to todays minion rich meta, but he has also superb synergy with Elizabeth,

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Thanks Im excited to see elizabeth in action, she’s been annoying to fight.

At a glance Elizabeth should be a top priority .