Help with my lineup/depth

Here’s my current starting lineup (in the order that I currently have them in):
Scarlett (3-60) – only 1 blade
Sabina (4-44)
Cademon (4-41)
Grimm (4-9)
Wu Kong (3-60) – Only 1 orb

First, do I have the order right? I really don’t have a “tank” and Cade appears to have the highest defense of what I have. Should I be trying to replace any of these to give me a balanced and strong “starting lineup”?

Second, what elemental summons should I be doing to build depth? I’ll list out my heros by color below. I could also use some advice on leveling order by color. I want to make sure that I have at least 2 very strong heros of every color for titans and eventually AW.

Purple – Cyprian (1-1), Oberon (1-1), Renfeld (1-1), Batthazar (1-1)
Yellow – Bane (3-50)
Blue – Sonya (3-48), Kiril (1-1), Karik (3-50), Ulmer (1-1), Valen (1-1), Graymane (1-1), Gunnar (1-1)
Green – Little John (1-1), Isshtak (3-37), Friar Tuck (1-1), Belith (1-1), Brienne (1-1)
Red – Natalya (2-41), Gormek (1-1), Azar (3-10), Hawkmoon (1-1), Jahangir (1-1)

That is a decent hero roster :slight_smile: . I’ll give my opinions on your questions in the order you asked them!

I would order them as follows (left to right): Scarlett, Grimm, Caedmon, Sabina, Wu Kong.
Once you have them all leveled, i would try swapping Wu Kong and Caedmon (Wu Kong tank). Reason being simply as his special going off gives you the greatest chance of winning a defense.

Second (part 1):
Yellow. You need depth there. Look for Li Xiu or any of the 5*s :slight_smile:

Second (part 2):
Next overall leveling you should do is Kiril. He will be an amazing tank for you once finished on your defense. Is also great for titans.
By color this should be your priority:
Purple: Cyprian (can also be a good tank), then Balthazar
Yellow: Need to do summons
Blue: Kiril, then Sonya.
Green: Brienne (AMAZING for titans, pair with Gunnar when you max him), then Little John.
Red: Gormeck, then Natalya.

General advice on 5s vs. 4s. A maxed 4* (tier 4, level 70) is generally better then a 5* hero at tier 3 level 70. So unless you have 4 or more of the 4* materials needed to max a 5* hero, concentrate on your 4* heroes.


Thank you! So you think I should only be worrying about yellow from a summoning standpoint? Are there heros in the other colors that I don’t have yet that would compliment my starting lineup better than what I have? I do plan on saving up enough gems to do a 10x pull for the next event.

10x summon during the event is the way to go (provided it is guardians).

Yellow is where you need it the most.
Red would be next as all red 4 and 5s would give you a huge boost.
Purple, you could really use Tiburtus, Rigard or the 5
Green, you could use Melendor and Lianna (5*)
Blue, you would be looking for 5*s only


@Xero786, as always, your analysis & suggestions are enlightening. I had nearly the same suggestions as you (except for leveling Natalya before Gormek - she’s bewitched me, lol).

I am, however, curious about Brienne vs. Titans. I’ve fed all the Briennes I’ve received from summons & my TC20 results, but she popped out of training again. I have Alberich, so I’m set for my first choice green, but I don’t have great options for a second green card vs. Titans. I have Skittles at 3/70, Little John 3/40ish, Melindor 1/1, Berdan 3/50, & Belith 3/50. I currently have 6 shields & 4 tonics.

At what Titan level does Brienne’s special lose efficacy because she becomes too vulnerable to being one hit KO’d? What would be your team development strategy with this roster? (My basic Titan strategy is using 2-3 minor mana pots to rev up Alberich & let his special boost my other cards).

Thanks for your thoughts.

What is being eluded to is that if you fire spirit link (Gunnar or Kailani) followed by Brienne, every round that is not a titan stun results in a +20% attack bonus for the entire team due to Spirit Link ‘sharing’ the hit. It’s a sweet trick for events too, on beginner in particular.

I’ve got some folks in my alliance using this strategy on 6/7/8* titans still, but it takes a lot of effort to keep the 3*'s alive.


It was much easier to keep Brienne alive on a 6*, a struggle on a 7* (use turtle banner to boost defense, etc)…

I still use her on Beginner Events though, so she’s never wasted.

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Thanks for the info. Six star is my alliance’s upper range, so many of our developing members can make use of the Brienne/Gunnar team composition strategy.

I would say Brienne becomes a liability come 8s and above. You can use her fairly easily 7s and below using combinations of arrows, axes/bombs and turtle banners.

That being said, I know people who still use her quite effectively on 10*s (backed by revive/miracle scrolls). And I bust her out when I feel like having fun and use time stops to keep her alive. When you pull off her combo with spirit link, the results can be pure magic.

She is also an EXCELLENT Beginner event card.


I did 2 holy summons this morning and got the other 3*s. However, I also got Zeline. I think I’m going to stop and save my gems for next month where I hear there is a holy HOTM. Should I prioritize Zeline in my green progression or stick with Brienne? I only have 2 sturdy shields and 2 tonics so I can only take her to 2-60 currently.

I’m not sure what a 2/60 Zeline looks like, but I loved her fully maxed.

Brienne won’t need the rare ascension materials Zeline eventually will so you can effectively do both. How are you for boots and chainmail?


I’ve got over 10 of each.

Gratz on Zeline!!! She is an amazing hero :slight_smile:

And what Rook said :slight_smile: If you really want to prioritize, get Brienne up until you get your 3rd shield, then switch to Zeline. Zeline is great even at 3/70


Thanks for all of your help!

here’s what a 2/55 zeline looks like. so add 5-10 to each stat and there’s a 2/60. :wink:

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@Xero786 Thanks for all of your past advice. I could use a little more as I spent way more than I should on Guardian summons.

The following screenshot are my leveled heros. Team 1 is my starting lineup. Team 2 are heros that have gotten a start. Team 3 are some 3 stars that have gotten attention.

As you can see, I have my starting lineup basically maxed, Natalya is maxed given my material inventory and Brienne is almost there. I have 1 orb, 3 blades, 2 shields, 4 traps and 2 warm capes.

After I finish off Grimm and Brienne, what is my next line of attack? I’m assuming Cyprian for purple and I really don’t have anyone useful in yellow (but suggestions on the next 3* I should work on would be nice). I figure red, blue and green are wide open and could really use some advice. Here’s my roster by color (all at 1-1) not including the ones in the picture above:

Purple - Cyprian, Oberon, Prisca, Renfeld, Balthazar
Yellow - Gan Ju, Lailani, Bane, Dawa
Blue - Boril, Kiril, Ulmer, Valen, Graymane, Gunnar
Green - Zeline, Horghall, Kashhrek, Little John, Melendor, Friar Tuck, Carver, Belith
Red - G. Kong *2, G. Falcon, Kelile, Hawkmoon, Jahangir

Also I would level Balthazar before Cyprian. No rare materials required, won’t take long and he does decent direct damage.


Thanks! I’m going to keep a running tab of advice in this post:

Blue - Kiril (1)
Purple - Balthazar (1) then Cyprian

Yeah, i would say the following:
Red: Falcon
Green: Zeline
Yellow: Kailani (spirit link + Brienne is a winning combo)
Purple: Balthazar
Blue: Kiril

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Thanks! If I get my 4th blade by beating advanced, do I use them on Falcon? Other choices are Natalya, Gormek, Scarlett. I only have 3 rings so I can’t get a 5* to the final level yet.