Help with my hero roster

Bjorn and Agnes are very strong for tournaments and events

Sabina is very usefull healer, good for yellow titans because of high attack stats

Sumle hit hard, she is devastating on tournaments

Sif is awesome, one of the best heroes for defence (in double formation mainly) and really strong suport in offence, really good hero


I’ve just pulled this guy, I’ve heard he’s not that good so I’m just wondering if he’ll even have any use in the future when I’m building up my 5 stars?

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Just pulled these three guys too! I pulled two Aodhan


Yes, I agree, and maybe later can be changed, or at least good for VF war/tournament.
I would level 1st focus on Rigard and his costume, then Tiburtus, then Merlin (or wait for Proteus if you plan to summon on Atlantis), then Amethrine.

Red: Scarlett and her costume, Boldtusk, then maybe Gormek, then Aodhan.
I would start with fast hitter and avarage suppoort heroes 1st, then for stack color, we can then level slow heroes.


Well I’m glad he has some sort of use. I’ll keep him around but he definitely won’t be my focus when I start levelling up my 5 stars:) I will definitely be summoning in Atlantis so hopefully I get Proteus! I tend to do about 20 summons, sometimes more, every time a portal opens up so I would say eventually I’ll get him hopefully!


just pulled this hero! i’m finding a lot of mixed opinions on her, is she good or not?

I like Alex, i think an average speed blue healer is great (if you dont have ariel or cKiril yet). She will def get a spot on my titan attack team (facing red titans) for her unique tile crit up skill.


pulled this hero today, is she worth levelling?

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She can be good for Epic tournament in bloody health rule.


Sure. Not many 4 star minion makers. Enjoy!


i just pulled this hero!! i’m very excited seeing she’s a 5 star, is she good??


Congrats :tada:
All Legendary Magic Tower Heroes are great, 1st charge with very fast speed 6 tiles without mana troop is game changer, and def down all at very fast is super helpful although it only 15%, but still.
Here is the thread: :mage: Agrafena – 5* Dark / Purple from Tower of Magic


I have her close to max, she is awesome hero, congratulations!


i just pulled this hero! i can’t really find any information on them with costume so any insight would be great, thank you:)

Congrats :tada:
She is in this thread:
:jack_o_lantern: Costumed Francine - 5* Nature/ Green from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

I have her without costume maxed and emblemed, hit-3 paired well with evelyn, same mana speed fast with great result.
The costume is even better, because she has elemental def down like Evelyn (HOTM) or Almur (S3 epic), she can be your best slot in blue titan team. I still use her without costume in my blue titan because of high attack stat though.
In Raid annd war the cleanse is very valuable.


ahh thank you so much! i was trying to find a thread like that but was struggling:,) wow she sounds great!! i’m delighted to have pulled her after hearing this

so i need some help in deciding which 5 stars to focus on and ascend. i’ve been levelling a few of them as you can see here. i have 2 damascus blades, 4 tome of tactics, 7 farsight telescopes, 6 royal tabbards, 5 mystic rings, 4 poison darts and 3 mysterious tonics. so obviously i can only choose a purple and a blue for now. should i ascend any of those colours fully or wait for another hero? thank you!

Agrafena is worth maxing.

Same with Alexandrine but if you would like to have offensive 5* instead of another healer you can take Theobald to 3^70, try him out and then decide, he is slow but worth mats IMO.


These are my current 5 star blues, yellows and purples. As you can see I’ve maxed theobald and brought some others to 3/70 (can’t go further atm as I don’t have the materials). Who should I bring to 3/70 next between these heroes? thank you:)

Miki ASAP, he is best titan hero in the game, he is also very usefull in tournaments/wars.

Domitia is nice hero to have if you are missing Seshat, Aeron isn’t really worth feeders especially since you have Agrafena.
Chakkoszrot is usefull but not priority.

Joon and Devana are both great, yellow 4* are missing firepower so I would take Joon to 3^70 before Devana and probably max him first.

Glenda is also really good hero, she worth maxing but she stays far in queue right now.
Esme is good against fienda summoners but except that she isn’t amazing, Rigard is better if there are no fiends. But she is worth to take to 3^70 at some point in order to have backup healer for towers or wars but she isn’t priority.


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