Help with my Defense Team!


I’m not sure about my defense team, so I’d like you guys to help me with te best/most annoying team, these are my heroes.


You certainly have five of the tankiest 4*! I’d only rearrange a bit, in part be ause the AI fires left to right:

Boldtusk,Tibertus , Kashrek, Boril, Li Xiu

If all specials were ready, you’d want BT’s attack buff first, then Tibertus’ defense debuff, the Li Xiu’s attack. Kashrek is a great center tank, and you want Boril in slot 2, 3 or 4 to fully spread his Riposte.


So, my defense team is like that:

But now, my Magni is 3/70, should I put him in Boril’s slot?


Try it and see. Overnight you’ll get a pretty good feedback from raids (or lack thereof) about the change.


I think it could depend on your cups: if in your trophy range there are 5* snipers don’t change it.


Magni is a great striker. Defensively Boril is stronger and riptose can be quite annoying. I would leave Boril on defense and use Magni on offense more.

I don’t have Magni but that is how I would use him.


Why Kelile and not Magni???


If you let Magni in the corner will lose defense benefits, you can test BT - Tiburtus - Kashrek - Magni - LX. Both Tiburtus and Magni are better as flank. In this position Magni increases defense of K and LX. I got confused when I quoted Kelile sorry.