Help with my defense... Insert Frida?

Here is my near term defense. Just need ham to ascend Evelyn (or Lianna) and QoH.

Leveling Frida now, where would you add her to this defense?

Some other heroes to possibly insert are Zim, Kunchen, Onatel. Do you think the hotm defense will be better with all the elemental buffs?


@Garanwyn and I have been mulling this for a bit on LINE…

My suggestion: Zim Inari Kageburado QoH Lianna.

Elemental Defense Debuffers aren’t awesome on Defense because slash attacks and specials are neutral color until the debuff is applied. They just don’t get the bang you get on Offense, especially if you’re not mixing two like Evelyn and Zeline/Lianna together. So I’d leave out Frida and Evelyn.

My thought on Kageburado as tank is that you don’t really have any ideal tanks, but that’s the best spot for him amidst your other heroes. The hope is he distracts and punishes a bit, until the rest of the team can kick in.

Inari left flanking gives a shot at getting a Minion onto QoH before her own, so the Playing Card Minion gets some protection. And QoH right flanking gives a shot at her firing early enough to activate Taunt while it’s meaningful. It also puts her far enough from Zim to avoid blue stacking blowing them both away.

Zim in the left corner can clear the likely mana freezes and DoT that are coming your way, along with an attack buff, light AoE, and some Element Link healing for QoH.

And Lianna is your best fast sniper choice for right wing.



In a single debufer setup, Evelyn may be better than Frider, as when Evelyn charges faster and within 4 turns, she may benefit from her own debuf.

Thanks for the detailed suggestions.

I am one hidden blade and ring short to ascend both. I have QoH at 3/70 and now have Zim 2/45.
Between the two, who would you ascend and max first?
No doubt I’ll max both, only exception is if GM shows up end of March.

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Kuni Ona Vic Inari Kage

Elemental dark advance, but easy to stack against. I would try several combinations. This may work.

Inari or Ona may also be a nice tanks. Flanked by Vic and Kage. Queen and Zimi on the wings.

My gut is Zim, she’s pretty squishy at 3-70, and I think QoH will be more usable at 3-70 between the two of them.

Zim is also a more versatile utility hero that you’re more likely to use elsewhere.

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Have we been eating the same things lately, I love QoH and she’s novel but after some raids, I’d prefer the fast cleanse so thanks for the gut check!

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I agree, fast cleanse is huge. I use Rigard a ton for his average-speed cleanse, and would certainly love to speed it up. :slight_smile:

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