Help with my defence team Please

Ok just a quick question that I could do with some advice on please. My current defence team for raids (left to right) is -
Rigard (+18)
Richard (+6)
Onatel (+7)
Kadilen (+5) and
Red Hood (+5)
and they keep me in low diamond.
However, I have just this week maxed
Magni (+3)
Domitia (+3) and
Justice (+2)
Should I use any of these to change my existing defence team?
Next month I should have maxed Anzogh or Grazul, Quintus (with costume) and Elkanen
Shorty after it will be Leonidas, Elena and 2nd Onatel.
Any advice greatfully received. @Scarecrow @Halifax

I think I’d put Magni in for Richard as your not using him as a tank.

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For now I would try the following setup:
Kadilen , rigard, Onatel, Magni, red hood

Later you could replace red hood against grazul.
As a very fast is there better placed as a average hero.
And then also switch Domitia in there, to replace rigard.

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You don’t need a healer for raid defense. And I think you saw my raid defense for my main account, which keeps me at 2400-2600. I use only 2 legendaries, otherwise I would accumulate too many trophies and I don’t want to (you saw my alliance and accounts probably this week, when I finished with both in top 20 at tournament).

I used that defense the whole year 2019 and never dropped below 2400. If you want to not ever worry about dropping from diamond and also to have easy revenges, I would set your defense like this: Grazul, Magni, Onatel, Dom and Kadilen. Though Richard is a better tank than Onatel (who actually is a better flank, not tank), I would set it like this for being faster and more lethal. Using Richard would throw Magni out, who is a great flank. So, try this for several days. If it not works for you, then try the logical option: Kadilen, Grazul, Richard, Onatel, Domitia, where every hero is in the right position. Richard as tank, Onatel and Grazul as flanks, Domitia as wing, because she’s a rogue. See what formula works better for you. Though you shouldn’t drop below diamond with 5 emblemed legendaries, either way, as long as I never drop with only 2 legendaries.

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Many thanks. Your advice is much appreciated :slight_smile: