Help with Lumi's infographics (Ayuda con los informes de Lumi)

Anyone know where I can get these tank reports … in the forum or elsewhere in a grouped way?

Lumi has provided all these infographics for us to use under every individual hero thread. You can find them all under #player-guides category.

More specifically, they should all be under the #hero_cards tag. Click that to see all the topics and just search for the hero you’re looking for.


Or you can get them via the Jeeves bot on discord.

This is Lumis alliance server:

But many alliances have servers with Jeeves added to it (including the 7Days family).


Thank you for your answer, it was a great help.
Now my question is, in the image you can see the blows that the hero needs to charge the mana and it also mentions the phantom blows, do you know if it refers to troop combos that do not reach the hero? And if so, what would be the total 14 in the case of Alfrike or 14 plus the ghosts?

Ghosted tiles are ones which go though empty space (i.e. tiles you cast where a hero is already dead).

Ghosted tiles count for double mana. Hence why the # of Ghosted Tiles is 1/2 the total required.

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Thank you very much for your answer Guvnor greetings and have a good day.

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