Help with lineup

So team 1 is my d team. I currently have from l to r Sonya, Hel, BT, Li Xiu, Melendor. Hel recently passed BT in power. Should I rearrange the order? I’ve read that makes a difference in how they charge and fire for the ai. Should I tank Hel? Move Melendor to flank? Currently dabbling low platinum/ gold. Any advice for a newer player appreciated.

I’m a new player too, from what i read on the forum, and my limited experience, i have the same heroes except Hel.
My line up would be:
Sonia, Li, Hel, Boldy, Mel.
I do like Boril, i use him as flank, also Wilbur is a top rated hero ( still missing 4 me).
My 2 cents
Have fun.

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