Help with leveling choices


Trying to make some choices about priorities. I’ve had some, let’s just call it odd, luck. Current heros by color:


Grimm 4/70
Kiril 4/70
Boril 4/34
Sonya 1/1

Ulmer 3/50
Gunnar 2/18
Karil 1/23

Currently throwing a few at Boril, but with a maxed Cyprian already that seems marginally useful. Anything in the 3* area to prioritize there?


Caedmon 4/70
Kashhrek 4/70 (some regrets here)
Skittleskull 3/25
Melendor 3/30 (but his special won’t level for me)
Hansel 1/1
Little John 1/1

Belith 3/50
Mnesseus 3/50
Friar Tuck 3/50
Brienne 1/19

While I like the idea of having a better green heal option than Kashhrek, I’m highly tempted to start prioritizing Hansel here. 22 sturdy shields on hand means I’ll likely get to both eventually anyhow.


Cyprian 4/70
Proteus 4/70

Oberon 3/50
Balthazar 3/50
Tyrum 3/50
Gill-Ra 1/26
Chochin 1/1
Vlad 1/1

I just can’t seem to get decent draws here. I’m happy with the Proteus and Cyprian is somewhat ok, but I just haven’t gotten anything else 4* or above. I suppose the real question here is which 3* should I start thinking about?

Vlad seems interesting but somewhat gimmicky. Chochin is interesting as a 3* control option but doesn’t seem that strong. Gill-Ra looks like my best option unless something better comes along. Am I missing anything?


Basic premise here: I’ve gotten 11 hidden blades total. If I could get more this whole section would be easy, but as is I really need to prioritize my resources.

Khagan 2/60

Boldtusk 4/70
Colen 4/65
G. Falcon 3/60
Sir Lancelot 3/60
Scarlett 1/37
4x Boldtusk 1/1 (yes, I could field a full BT team if I just had the hidden blades for it)

Hawkmoon 3/50
Jahangir 3/28
Azar 3/10
Nashgar 1/12

Obviously I’m maxing Colen right now as he’s already ascended. The question comes in what to do when I get another hidden blade. Who is worth ascending? Khagan seems marginal. Falcon and Lancelot are both fun but I’m somewhat tempted to just sit on the hidden blade on work 3* here.


Vivica 1/1 (just got her today)

Gretel 4/70
Hu Tao 4/63
Chao 3/60
Danzaburo 3/39

Melia 3/50
Bane 3/45
Kailani 1/8
Nash 1/1

Thin field, but I’m happy with what I have. I’m thinking Vivica just became my top priority overall. Does that seem right? After that, do I just wait until I get a Wu Kong or another 5* or should I bother with Chao or Danzaburo, neither of which seems to have a great reputation? I have 14 orbs, so I’m not exactly tight on resources here.

Any and all thoughts welcome.

Additionally, though I know this has gotten long, if anyone has concrete thoughts on a defense team I’d love to hear them. I’ve found some combinations I’m quite happy with on offense but defense still eludes me.


Finish out Boril since you’ve already ascended him, then get Sonya in the works for the fast attack and dispel. For 3*, best blues are Valen, Gato, Ulmer and Gunnar. You could do Karil to have another 3* blue attacker, especially since you’ve already started.

Skip Skittle and leave til last- he’s pretty useless. Melendor, since you already started with him, for his heal and removal of buffs. Then Hansel ASAP since he’s the best 4*. For 3*, Belith, Brienne, Mnesseus, and Berden are the best green 3* (Hisan too, but he’s seasonal).

3* Balthazar, Gill-Ra for the cleanse, Chochin, Tyrum for the dispel in another color, maybe Vlad but idk about that one.

Skip Khagan. Finish Colen since you’re almost done. Falcon for Titans. Lancelot for the high attack stat for Titans and attack. I’d put Falcon first, then Lancelot, then Scarlett before I’d do another BT- even though I love him and you should eventually level another one or two, it’s better to have variety first. Since it’s just hidden blades I would level what you’ve got, unless you think you can get Wilbur, then I’d make him the priority. Gormek if you don’t get him. You need a better 5* before I’d hold onto blades for them. 3* Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar and Namahage.

Finish Hu Tao since you started with him, then you could do Vivica but I’d only start that project if you’re close to having all of the Darts. She’s the best healer in the game, so she could help you out immensely. If you don’t have the darts, then maybe Chao? The mana control is nice. But I’d definitely hold out for Wu, he’ll help you with titans like no other 4* (except maybe Wilbur). Guardian Jackal would also be nice. 3* Bane, Melia, Gan Ju, Kailani.

Defense I would suggest doing a full rainbow if you can, deters people from stacking against you. It’s hard to know what works best, but Kash is considered the best 4* tank so you could do him. Flank with BT (left) and Proteus, wings Gretel and Grimm maybe. Idk that’s just an idea.


Perfect. That helps clarify my thinking. I have 5 darts so I’ll likely start plugging away at Vivica while making sure green is moving to get Hansel on board as quickly as possible.


I agree with @RandaPandah about almost everything she wrote.


  • Finish Boril as she said, Sonya after.
  • Once they are finished and you do not have another 4*/5* blue, you can work on your 3* heroes. The ones she mentioned are indeed the best. I however would not place priority on Gunnar. At this point you do not necessarily need him to beat quests or events. Valen - Gato - Valen/Gatox2 - Karil - Gunnar is what I would choose.


  • Melendor indeed. Besides Kiril and Boldtusk you do not have a hero with a stronger heal. Melendor has nice tile damage also.
  • What Randa said.


  • What Randa said. I would choose Tyum over Gill-Ra though.


  • What Randa said.
  • Khagan can be lovely when paired with Falcon in raids. I wouldn’t ascend him before any of the other heroes though.


  • What Randa said, but I would prioritize Vivica after you’re done with Hu Tao. As your only real healer will be Melendor, a stronger Vivica will be a nice asset to your hero-bench.

Defense team
Grimm - Boldtusk - Kashrek - Proteus - Gretel

Is what I would try, but then you lack fast hitters. Case could be made to switch Boldtusk for Colen I think, but I’m not a fan of slow mana heroes myself unless their special really is great. If Colen goes off then you do have a problem, but with 1 or 2 healers it’s easy to recover.

Caedmon - Grimm - Boldtusk - Proteus - Gretel

Is also possible.


I’m never confident with my defense setups, so I vote you listen to @TomV93 suggestions over me. Or try them both out since it should be fairly easy and see which one works for you more! (Probably his)

& Definitely, since you have five of the six darts, work on Viv and get her going before Chao. Will be a huge asset. Make sure you finish Melendor to at least 3/60 before starting Hansel, (especially since you’ll be working on Viv for your main team heal, but good to have several healers ready for war and options) but get him out there as soon as you can!

I almost didn’t even write Gunnar, but I know how many people value his spirit link, especially for events, so that would be the only reason I would keep him. If you don’t find a need for it, don’t bother. I personally haven’t kept a Gunnar, but since you already have one I’d hold onto him at least until you know if he has a place or not.

Definitely do your 4* first (most beneficial right away), 5* only if you have the mats, and 3* only if you find yourself running out of things to do, want to compete in the beginner challenge event, if you need more people for war, or after you get a few solid teams of 4* done.


You can stop leveling blues. Kiril can maintain a place through mid-diamond, and Grimm stays until a blue 5* like Magni bumps him. If you want a 3* challsnge tsam, Gunnar gets fed.

Do not regret Kashhrek as he will be a solid tank defending. Caedmon works, but will be replaced by Hansel. Finishing Brienne is cool.

Cyprian is okay defensing, I guess. I have not leveled my Proteus,yet, but others give high marks. Gill-ra will help challenge team.

Red is a problem. Many will tout BoldTusk, but Wilbur has taken his spot. This means Guardian Falcon moves up. Like nashgar and Hawkmoon for 3s.

Viv is your priority, ceryainly. With Gretel done, finish Bane and Kailani.


Whatever she said. Too lazy to be re typing all of the above. :yum:

The only thing is I may suggest to not up 3* heroes since you won’t be using them much except during wars. Rare challenge in events are not really rewarding for me.


Agreed. :blush:

3* are good to hang onto for challenge events and wars, but after you get a few teams of 4* & 5* you won’t find yourself using them enough to justify spending the time and resources you have on them. They’re quicker and easier to level, but not as much of a priority as I would make the others. The intermediate and advanced challenge tiers are the only ones that offer unfarmable mats for completion rewards, and for those you’d definitely need at least a solid 4* team, so that’s where I’d start until you have a solid base. Then you can go back to working on 3* if you want, for the variety and ability to participate in the beginner tier.


Thanks for all the help. I have a much better idea what to prioritize at this point. I’m definitely pushing for Vivica right now while still putting some energy into Melendor as a stopgap healer. Hansel is next in line for a big push. Something tells me a Hansel/Gretel/Proteus control core might be slightly gimmicky but still worth a try.