Help with intermediate stage


I’m on the final stage on the intermediate stage, can’t get past it

Current team

Any thoughts on who I should swap or something

I’m thinking on swapping kashek for kilani and arrows for miracle scrolls but idk


Truthfully, level 1 anything will not help much; you need leveled heroes.

Check that your troops are defensive (if you have both types), and dance your way through, or try offensive troops and heroes, and kill the enemy as fast as possible, healing up between rounds (keep one enemy on the board and send tiles thru the empty space to generate mana faster and load all your team’s specials).

If you make it thru, you can always try to come back later and better your score. Faster seems to give a better bonus.


Dump kashrek, bring up a levelled 3* green.


Ich würde Kashhrek drin lassen


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@Denys your heroes might be a bit underpowered. level 1 will get smashed. even a bunch of tier 3 four stars only at 30 instead of 60 is going to be tough.


I have leveled some 4 star and 5 star heroes just how are they really good … Is the lineup ok either way?

4* / 5* Line up okay?

If you make a separate topic for help (put it in the gameplay and tactics section though) I’m sure you’ll get help. not many people want to hijack someone else’s thread.