Help with info plz

One of player quit our ally before to start war (now, like a 3 hours to start).

I took screenshot and video. I want to report him but I don’t know if E&P has any channel/report page.

guys can you help me to report him?

You can report players if you open the options tab then go to support then file a report

But just so you know and don’t waste your time, E&P has no rules against players leaving alliances before or during wars so there’s nothing they will do about it

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Thank you…

Yes I know. But everbody know what is wrong and what is not wrong. That we call ethic.

Hope Support do something good even as “warn” message would help. It suc* to see every time someone leaving without punishment =(

That happens to hundreds of alliances every war. There is no way they could possibly monitor or do anything about that. It’s simply polite to wait until there isn’t a war going on to leave an alliance. It’s a game and unfortunately that happening of part of it.

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Maybe you should report your alliance leaders for just letting anyone into the alliance also. They don’t seem to be doing a very good job at keeping out certain type of people out of your alliance

One person leaves an alliance and it’s bad leadership. Judgmental much?


About the same judgement as punishing someone who leaves an alliance. We don’t know the reason. So if we want someone to judge them let’s also judge the leader

Asked & answered & voting option supplied.