Help with guardian OWL


oops. :slight_smile:Was thinking legendary :smiley: in fairness, you should be able to get at least to level 9 in legendary with the team you have. and 75 gems to continue is ABSOLUTELY worth the cost to get the ascension items


I just initiated chat with you on LINE


@anc1ent1, are you in an alliance that can help you with strategy and tips? Your alliance leaders and experienced members should have been helping you all along. If not, I recommend you switch alliances to one that will help you get the most out of your heroes.


Would suggest BT, Gafar, cypran, x, Sabina for stage 10.

X can be anything really tib/Sonya/sumo/ or even kashrek. Yeah 3 healers seem overkill but you’re going to rely on cypran counterattack to kill, gafar to zero guardian owls heal so all the rest of your team needs to do is live hence the heal overload. I would also pack some mana pots to activate cypran’s special before guardian panther goes off.


BT, Scarlett, Cyprian, Tiburtus, Sabina

Attack buff, enemy attack debuff, reflect, armor deuff, and a dispeller for Owl’s heal over time… all wrapped up with a 3/2 stack he’s weak and neutral to with plenty of heals. It’s all about tile damage.


Thanks for everybody’s help ,with a combination of the information given I was able to beat The epic and the legendary for some much needed ascension materials, this is a great forum with good people. Special thank you to DJ for taking the extra time for me


Are you bringing Sabina. Wait to use her immediately after owl’s special goes off so you can immediately dispell all his buffs


Congratulations on the victories!


You finished legendary with that Team ?
Especially the hero levels shown in the beginning ?

Congratulations ! :smile:


I know right , it was really squeezin out a win. I do play hard LOL


I will bring
BT or tiby, jabbar, cypri, sabina, sumitomo


congrats bro I know how it feels if we can finish it


Ha…this means I should be able to do it to, even if I have to go in with 2 blue, 2 purple and a green. :smile:

Unfortunately I have to leave my main offense ( 2 Chaos ) at home.