Help with guardian OWL

So I am to level nine on the epic stage of guardians and I can’t get past that owl. I guess I should post my four stars for advice. They will follow

So that’s what I have to work with. any suggestions would be appreciated. I would think there should be a way but maybe I have the wrong heroes. And of course then there is level 10

Do you have a problem with rare or epic. 4* only in epic.

Sorry I screwed up it’s epic the middle one. I will go up and edit thanks for pointing that out

What purple heroes do you have at 3T and above?

Tiburtus On bottom

Take Gafar, Cyprian, Tiburtus as your middle 3. If you can “juice up” cyprian to 3/60, you’ll be in really good shape. If you want, add Sabina and Sumitomo as your other two heroes. 4:1 is risky, but it will get you past Owl.

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Definitely worth a shot DJ,I’ll let you know the results😬

The reason behind Sumi & Cyp. Owl hits all heroes. if both Sumi & Cyp are active, all 5 will counter and hurt him.
Sumi is also beefy enough to handle some of the green monsters in the first two waves.

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You would use Sabina over Rigard DJ?

She’ll live a little longer because you have her 4T.
If Rigard were 4T, I’d use him.

My bad. I just now noticed she was level 1 :slight_smile: Rigard, then.

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Possible candidates:

Purple: Rigard, Gafar, Jafar, Tiburtus

Red: Boldtusk, Azlar,Scarlett,

Blue: Agwe, Sonja, Isarnia

Green : Sigh Tarlak, Melemdor, Cademon, Elkanen

You have a very strange way to level your heroes…… :slight_smile:

Now what exactely are your pronlems with the owl ?

Unfortunately I dont know the atlantis heroes very well because I dont have them.

Rigard and Sonja seem to belong to the team.
Tiburtus and Boldtusk are interesting to.

Gafar and Jafar stops healing if I remeber correctely.

Maybe Tarlak if he fits with the team.

Seems you will at leat double purple and Maybe omit green for a usefull hero of another color.

A Little luck dependent but could work out.

I appreciate your help I actually am lost with my heroes and how to use them. I’ve been playing for seven or eight months and the first couple of months was doing really stupid things because I wasn’t on this forum. I’m definitely not pay to win but have spent some fair change. I have been thinking of posting all my heroes and asking for help, can’t believe in the beginning I was getting rid of Cademons,Boldtusk,Kirils,Wu Kongs and so on, I’ve been on this forum for about a month and I am really beating myself up for my “newbie ignorance”. This is why Some great heroes aren’t fully leveled. Do you think I should post my entire squad and that I would get help here trying to sort it all out?

I’m going in. Chaaaaarrrge💪🏼

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If you want to chat, you can reach me on the Line app (free on android & ios). My ID there is deejayquixo.
I like to help, and because I don’t have deep pockets, my roster is very reasonable and not exceptionally deep, so I make do with what I have and have learned a lot along the way.
on the app you can also share screenshots & is completely anonymous so you don’t have to worry about scammers unless you’re looking for it. :smiley:

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I’m on iOS what is the apps name from my App Store And by the way I just beat level nine of epic not quite sure what happened but everything went counter attack and both the owl and Panther went shooting down. Not sure what level 10 is going to home but yes I don’t spend a lot of money and would rather not spend any and all help would be appreciated,Thanks DJ

the app name is simply “Line”

And I’m so glad the team worked for you!!

Level 10 will require at least 2 blue for the strategy. (Kong first, Guardian next, Panther last)

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My gut here says Isarina, Cyprian, Sonya, Sumitomo, Rigard for level 10. Bring axes or bombs, some health / mana potions if you can & the lil green antidotes (for panther).

ISarnia is a five star, I have Sonya, then that atlantis fish( Rogue wave ) and Valeria But she has no defense so maybe I’ll try Sonia and the fish