Help with gretel and joon

I have gretel and level 60 should I spend time ascending her further or use her to improve joon and bring vivica into one of my teams ?

I’m not sure what do you mean by improvment Joon but if you want feed him by Gretel don’t do that

Gretel is really good hero and you should max her

Vivica is good to, specially if you don’t have many healers


Yes that is what I meant, I have kiril and melendor in other teams as well as vivica, I like to balance my teams with one of each colour with defence and attack.

Rainbow teams are not strong enough in late game, you should try some 3-2 (3 heroes in one color and 2 in diffrent) or mono (5 in one color) then your tiles deal much more dmg

You will need 6-12 healers for war, depending on you and your playstile, 1 healer is more aggressive but risky, 2 healer are safer but with less firepower


As @Radar1 says, colour stacking is really important as you get up against stronger teams. A defence team is often rainbow, but attacking usually not
Gretel is a good 4*. Definitely keep her!

Feed Gretel to Joon, be a man and do what you want
20 Giggles :grin: :grin: :grin:

Please don’t feed Gretel to Joon. Keep both!

I’m not sure what your roster is like so apologies If I’ve got this wrong but it sounds like you are considering only having 1 or 2 per colour? If so, you will want to rethink that idea as you need way more depth the further you go in the game not just a few strong heroes. Both Gretel and Joon (and vivica) will be very useful for you overall and can stack in offence


Hey there,

I wouldn’t feed Gretel to Joon, I would level Gretel as high as you can get her then decide who to spend your ascension materials on, the order of the heroes to ascend would depend on which skill you are lacking.

Thankfully these heroes are all good and have different skills.

  • Joon is a great offence fast sniper with accuracy down. Useful in offence Raids and War. I’m not sure how useful Joon is on defence as I’ve only just got him and still playing around with his use.

  • Gretel is good offence average mana-management, wait until an enemy hero has max mana then use her special. Useful in offence Raids and War. I’m not sure if Gretel is useful on defence as I don’t have her, I wish I did though to keep Hansel company in my mana-management team.

  • Vivica is a great cleanser, healer and defense up. Good all-rounder particularly offence Raids, War and defence.

In my honest opinion, you really should keep Gretel and bring her to max. Don’t feed her to Joon
Good luck

Thanks for all your help guys, I have so many great yellows and can only play 6 teams i am trying to construct the best teams I can to play in the wars, it seems like any member above 3*** is worth keep in some degree or other. :grin::grin::grin:

Don’t feed Gretel to Joon,…Joon might not recover from the resulting constipation :grin:.

But personally, I don’t find Gretel that great, damage to target and minor damage to 2, mana control on only 1 @ average mana, nevertheless she could still be useful on offense in some tourneys / maps…

In any case, don’t feed her off.

For further reference. They’re both really helpful.

I use Joon on offense and in my main and war defenses at either wing or flank. He is a beast! Not quite at Drank’s level, but a beast all the same. I just got my Joon+18. He great! I’m hoping to someday get his costume to take him to another level! :wink:

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Gretel only controls one target. Her damage is to 3 though.

Thanks, good to know.

I’ve seen Joon and his costume on defence, typically in a sniper role on a wing.

Thanks for the feedback.

You’ll all be pleased to know I decided to take the advice and not sacrifice Gretel to Joon.

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new players might not get the joke…


I don’t get the joke either?

cause it’s a bad one…

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