Help With Greens


Just pulled 80 and got 8 5* and many other great 4*. I need some help with my greens, since this event produced some awesome ones! Is Caed worth saving anymore since melendor will heal the same effects and the other green heroes here seem superior? Any point to having multiple Little Johns and Caeds? please help. Roster is full of greens and yellows now, got 2 musashis as well woot woot! Screenshot_2017-09-07-18-19-09|281x500


I view Caed as an upgrade in PVP to Mel but Locke is better than both.

Titans: either Caed or Elkanen (or maybe Peters); at 70 I’d say Caed is better, and you may well want to take Locke to 80 someday (I would over Elkanen personally).

Cabin Boy used well may be amazing in PVP for attacking, but I’m not certain that he’s better than Locke as she is far more general purpose whereas Peters is by definition nuanced, though he might be interesting on a titan as well for the same reason Hel is in pretting that absurdly long animation from firing and wasting time.

I’d level Locke personally, and then Cabin Boy, and probably ignore Caed (though definitely keep at least one) since you already have a green dispel in Mel anyway.


Thanks much that’s kind of what I was thinking. Caed worth keeping around, but might have met his match in the new greens. Would you prefer Elkanen over Peters?


At 80 probably; but Peters has some game altering potential when used well… shutting down a hero from casting for 3 turns is a big deal.

Elkanen is a hard one to unilaterally recommend: 25% heal doesn’t suck but there’s also not a lot to write home about him on given his stat distribution except maybe on defense… on the flipside it’s really hard to tell what a 5* will be like until they are at 80, at 70 they’re generally pretty average. I don’t know many people (none personally) that have him at 80, fact is Lianna is better, and I think Locke is better too for PVP though probably not for titans (antidotes are cheap and more reliable).


You… You do 80 green calls?
All togheter?


80 event pulls. Was hoping for the new green and purple heroes. They seemed a notch up from the currently available heroes


General rule is to at least keep one of each 4* and 5*. You never know what changes might come in the future! Hu Tao was pretty much useless until they fixed up the blind special! And having options for combining specials is awesome. Running 2 greens can be very useful in events with blue stages and against blue titans. The hard part is picking one to level firs! :rofl:


I have a question about the pulls. 80 single pulls or 8 x 10?
When I purchase in the summon gate, I buy only the 10-packs, because you can save a bit.

All together, I purchased 6x10 and I didn’t get a monthly hero. Would like to know, how the odds are, to get one…


1x10 pull has the same odds as 10x1 pull. SG have made a statement about that.

They have not (and probably wont) say what % the monthly hero drops have.


8x10. Im pulling a 5* roughly 1 in 17pulls. HoTM is roughly 1 in 35 pulls.