Help with game progress

Please help!
I will lose accees to my current email used at google play games to save progress.

I contacted google support asking to transfer my progress to another email and they said that only the developer could transfer progress between emails and gave me this email ( However I tryed contact and I received and automatic email asking to try this forum.

Dear support, can you please help me to transfer the game process, since I am an old player and I already spent too much money to achieve my current progress. I can’t lose it. What can I do to keep my progress?

Check out this thread:

The best way is to contact support in-game (as shown in the picture).

Thank you!!! :slight_smile: I will try this.

Definetly, i will try next month!

Please help! In trying to play on more than one device, I clicked on Google Play and lost all my progress!! It brought me back to level 1! I tried installing it again on Google Play with my same email address and it always brings me back to level 1. I’m so sad to have lost my progress. Can someone tell me where I can regain my current level please!!

Welcome to the fourm sorry to hear about your issue… Have you tried via Facebook that is a option… You will have to contact support if you have anymore issues… Goodluck

How do I go back to the game via Facebook?

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If you signed in via Facebook before with the game it will only work…
Go settings then this will come up at the bottom is connect via Facebook.

Thank you for your answer. I did this and it doesn’t work. This is because it won’t unconnect me from “Google Game” (where I’m at at level 1). Do you know how can I log out of “Google game” and log back in to Facebook or “Play store” ?


You will have to do that on the game store that’s below the Facebook on the settings menu in settings or via the Google play store

You could try disabling Google Play on your phone and then logging on to Facebook in the game. To disable Google Play go to “Settings” “Apps” on your phone.

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