Help With Forum Issues Available Here!

OP here has information about why new members cannot make new forum posts.

On your support ticket, it usually takes 1-2 business days to work thru support tickets. Having been Friday you’ll probably get your response on Monday.


If you have made a support ticket, those are answered (to your email) in the order they are received. More tickets equal a longer time to receive a response.

If you have made a post on the Forum, it is generally noted and is being worked on, but you may not receive a direct response.

Please note that English is the official language used on the Forum—except where noted in the Foreign Languages section—please post in English if you want a reply. :wink:

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I “won” a Facebook weekend coin challenge. I was messaged by the page asking for my account # so that they can add to it. When I tried to respond it told me I could not respond to the page directly and sent me here to the forums. I’m a bit confused on the process… Can anyone help?

Hi @N1cole; I don’t think we’re really able to help here on the forum. Your best bet would be to probably create a support ticket with SGG & go from there.

Instructions for how to do that click this hashtag: #contact-support
Or visually:


Did they update Discuss today? Because on my phone the layout is bad and difficult to read — there’s thin light blue bars on both sides in most threads (not this one of course, just to be annoying), words frequently wrap outside the edge of the screen, and the bottom of the thread is nearly unreadable because it’s white on light blue.

Screenshot shows the bars and bottom, but not wrapping issue.

And yes, I’ve reloaded problem pages without success.

Oh good, now it’s this thread too. But at least I have a screen shot with the problem.


@zephyr1 has raised it with staff to pursue with Discourse support team. Main thread tho is here: Background Colour

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My scrollbar has moved to the left side of my screen and I cannot figure out how to move it back to the right-hand side. Been tinkering with it for a day now, any ideas?

edited to add: desktop version on a mac

can someone help update my recruit title topic pls? ty

I have been here for two months and always active I ask a question as topic yesterday and I could not find it today then I do it again and no one reply and can not find it again

Your created topics are showing under your activity history:


@BraveGirl, you can find your previous threads by tapping on your profile /icon in the top corner of the page.

Then click the “person silhouette” option & go to “Activity”

There you can view your topics, replies, votes etc…


This is a new feature that discourse has added. It’s called slow mode. It’s main purpose is to promote thoughtful discussion in fast moving or contentious discussions. When enabled, users must wait before posting again in this topic.

This thread in particular has caused some contention in the recruitment category. As such, we have tried to limit the frequency of new posts. I have modified the period as 24 hours does seem a bit excessive. Hope this clarifies what happened.


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