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They got it back, my account is all good
Thank you all for the help


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How do I post to the forum

You just did…
What exactly are you trying to do?

Do you mean “create a topic”?

:slight_smile: nothing. Just be a friends.

  1. So … who should I turn to for help? please suggestions.

Well, then you’ve come to the right place :grin:

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Thanks. Can you help me? :smile:

If you don’t ask me anything too difficult :grin:

Otherwise we can tag other players for assistance. Ask away!



member, but topic closes in 10 days :confused:

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Hang on, I can fix that.

@Boolz_San that should be removed now, so it won’t auto close.

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true :slight_smile:


Hello - I would like to know if I am at PAZZEL COMBAT! it will be war like in E&P …
not just war machines

I wanted to ask if its possible to install this game on an iPad even though I have it linked to a google play account?

It is different game, with different crew. This is not Puzzle Combat forum. The questions you have, you ask on global chat in game. Until the forum will open. Besides, the game is not yet worldwide released. So of course, there is no feature in game yet, like AW, hotm, events, etc. So, be patient and use the global chat. Here is E&P forum.


Yes you can in your android go to the game > options > link to an iOS device > follow the instructions

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There is a thread discussion puzzle combat. See link below. Some players (including a mod) are in a country where they can play both. If you have it, you may want to check it out.

Also, we’ve been talking with SG about options for discussions on that game. Something will likely happens in due time. Check out our conversation in a recent AMA when it becomes available on the forum.

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I today buy 13000 gems. I get only one four star hero… 99% rare hero… this is sad… dont buy gems!!!

I am new here. How do I make a post?

Are you wanting to create a post for something specific?

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