Help With Forum Issues Available Here!

Hi @Damon, and welcome to the forum. If you simply want to contact Small Giant customer support and give them direct feedback, here’s the link for how to contact them:

The forum is a community of players, though, not really a place to give feedback just directed at SG. So if you want to be able to start a new thread and interact with your fellow players in that way, you’ll need to follow the rules for increasing your trust level to the appropriate point.


You are very creative and detailed in your explanations. Curious if your line of work outside of here involves writing? Not asking for personal information or where you work lol. Just curious if it involves writing

@zephyr1 Is the war score here circled the score SG uses for matching up opponents in alliance wars?

Yes, War Score is what’s used for matchmaking in War, and is accessible in the tooltip screen that opens when you tap the :grey_question: icon next to the regular Alliance Score.

That is great to know. In the alliance my husband and I have, we thought the alliance score was the determining factor…glad to know we were wrong.Thank you


In the beginning it was. It’s been changed for quite a while now to the war score but it’s still hard to convince some players (including some of our own members), that it isn’t a factor.

They still freak out when they see an alliance score 10k + and assume we are over-powered. Luckily, we’ve found for our alliance, the matching war scores have been giving us very fair matches. Win or lose, we feel the matches have been close.


coy voice I have “written” before…

hides scribbles lol :grin:

I find it helpful here. :wink:


I knew it!!! Stephen King in the house :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

( shhh…your secret is safe with me, Sir Rook)

You probably want Dame Rook :slight_smile:


My apologies… Madam Rook :rofl:


Welcome to the Forum!

The post at the top of this thread gives details on how to check.

I believe you’ve already met the requirements to create a new thread.

A Post is a single message, like the one you just posted.

A Topic is a collection of posts on one subject matter, like this thread we’re talking in.

If you go through the Tutorial with Discobot, it’ll explain all of the basics of how to use the Forum.

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New here. Trying to get familiar and do some recruiting for a brand new alliance. I checked out the appropriate forum, but didn’t see how to create a post. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @DimeShines12804, welcome to the Forum!

Before you can create a new thread, you have to meet very basic usage criteria for the Forum.

It’ll take you about 15 minutes.

If you scroll up to the top of this thread, the requirements are listed there. :slight_smile:

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Guys I’m so sorry I’m new to this forum and i can’t figure out how to make a post if i want to recruit :see_no_evil: can someone please help?

I don’t have a + … that’s why I’m confused. Maybe since i just joined a few mins ago? And i know, I’m so sorry i posted on your post :see_no_evil:


See the plus (+), top right … I’m on phone mobile view I think. That’s to create .


Hi @Lilac_Mermaid, welcome to the Forum!

Yes, you need to meet basic usage criteria before you can create a new thread.

It’ll take you around 15 minutes.

The requirements and process are listed up at the top of this thread. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @zephyr1… Hehe I didn’t know about that 15 minute rule!

Thanks ( I’m a noob too) :sweat_smile:


You’re welcome!

It’s not just the duration, you have to have read some Forum posts etc — but it’s a very minimal set of requirements, so most people finish all of them in about 15 minutes, often without even noticing they weren’t initially allowed to create threads.

The only people who bump into the restriction are ones who try to create a thread right after joining, without ever having made use of the Forum with their account.

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Thanks so much!! Happy to be here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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