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Buenas noches soy nueva en esta pagina pero ya llevo tiempo en el juego estoy teniendo problemas desde hoy ala mañana trato de abrir el juego y se sale asi como si nada ya desinstale el juego y el google play pero nada funcioma porfavor necesito solucionarlo ya que tengo mucha tarea pendiente por hacer en el juego.

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m providing a google translated English version of your post:

“Good night I am new to this page but I have been in the game for a long time I am having problems from today to tomorrow I try to open the game and it comes out as if nothing uninstalls the game and google play but nothing works please I need to fix it since I have a lot of homework to do in the game.”


I don’t exactly understand, what your problem is.
No server connection?
Game won’t open?
Game crashes?
Game not linked to your Google Play account any more?

Gracias por responder, Mi problema es que El juego no se abre, se sale solo.

Ya reiniciaste tu teléfono?

I think you need to contact customer support:

Tampoco puedo ir a soporte porque no me abre el juego

Si ya reinicie tambien desinstale el juego y tampoco funciona

Once this was shown to me (thanks @zephyr1), I’ve been using it explicitly. I’m rarely on a cpu though. I don’t see issues when comparing to a phone internet explorer. If you’re comparing to a cpu, that may be different.

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@littleKAF see a lot of people with the purple text under there names and some people have come up with creative titles for themselves…how do I go about doing the same?

You actually need to be a mod or staff to add titles. In general, we’ve tried not to do too many of these. Some regulars have some for various contributions, such as @Novo and @BarryWuzHere. Some have been added jokingly too, like @voidstrike.

As for myself, I’m personally trying to cut back unless deserved by a contribution. That may change. And I’ll admit to being responsible for @voidstrike


I understand completely thank you

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I’ve never seen this before and never used to have this problem, but anytime I try to quote someone, the system automatically edits my post and removes the quote, so I can’t tell if the person I’m replying to is even getting the message. Are other users seeing this?

I apologize if there is already a topic on this. I tried searching auto editing and system editing with forums, and I couldn’t find anything.

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It’s because you are quoting the entire post, which is not necessary because you can simply reply to that particular post. The quote function allows only specific part(s) of the post to be quoted which makes more sense to bring context to what you are replying to.


But then how do I know if the right user received it? It doesn’t always show, who you reply to.

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That’s quite simple. See the screenshot below.

If you use “A” to reply then you will be replying to that particular post, like I am doing now, and the person who wrote that post will get a notification. On the other hand if you use “B” to reply then you will be replying to the thread itself and not to anyone in particular. So only the person who started the thread will get a notification based on his/her notification settings.

And if you go through any particular thread you can see whether a person has replied to a particular post or just the thread in general. For example, in the screenshot below - the first post is a normal reply to the thread and the 2nd one is a reply to particular post in that thread marked by the reply sign.


I used the email address associated with my Facebook account to create my account for this forum. The game is attached to my Google play account which uses my Gmail account instead. Does this matter at all for any reason?
For example, when I changed my profile picture for the forum, I couldn’t use my in-game avatar because of the email address difference.
Thanks in advance for any information you can give.

No, I’ve done the same.

Forum avatars can whatever you have downloaded on your device

Game avatars are a list of preloaded, won or bought hero images

If you screen grab a game avatar, you can upload it as a forum avatar, lots of people do that :+1:


Thank you @JonahTheBard


Não sei como agir, sou novo no fórum

Moderator Translation - Guv
I don’t know how to act, I’m new to the forum

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