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Thanks Guv. Knew how to make a poll but didn’t know about getting the vote button but found it eventually. Still finding my way around I guess. Thanks :+1:


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Per #forum-rules (rule 15) posts in the main forum are to be in English.
Mod Translation - Guvnor:
Good night, I made a purchase for a training offer, but the training swords didn’t come, what to hear? I await reply

Original Text

Boa noite, fiz uma compra de uma oferta de treinamento, mas não veio as espadas de treinamento, oque ouver? Aguardo resposta

Hiya @Pagodeirijj;

How do you know that you didn’t get the training swords? 2 & 1* items do not show up in the Recent Activity Log, nor are they indicated in the Inventory with the “+xyz” number above them to indicate new items.

Translation back to Portugese

NOTA: Leia o #forum-rules antes de responder; a resposta deve estar em inglês, caso contrário, para ser postada no #foreign-languages
Hiya @Pagodeirijj;
Como você sabe que não recebeu as espadas de treinamento? Os itens 2 e 1 * não aparecem no log de atividades recentes, nem são indicados no inventário com o número “+ xyz” acima deles para indicar novos itens.

Verdade eu vi lá nem a mochila aparece , mas está lá 99 mochilas pois eu gastei uma

Best option is to #contact-support.

A warning, the SGG Support is ONLY english based.

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Or at least they’ll only reply in English, but they’ll reply to non-English messages:

Please note - For the time being, we offer support only in English. Should you have problems understanding our replies, please take advantage of online translation services such as Google translate:

You can translate a whole website with this tool, by typing the web address on the box on the left and selecting the language you wish to translate it to. If you are using Google Chrome, you can also add Google Translate as an extension for easy access. Please also note that you don’t need to translate your messages for us. You can always write us in your preferred language.



Would love a FAQ page to refer back to. Been playing a while, but newly promoted to co-leader and I need to get this forum figured out ASAP! :slightly_smiling_face:

Handy starting spot:


@AngiMathochist, you highlight the bit of text you want to quote, then use the Reply button to the bottom right of the post you’re replying to, not the Reply button at the bottom of the page. It opens a response window, addresses it to the right person, and pops the quote in all ready for you. Foxy!

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Just select the bit you want to respond, and the word “Quote” appears above your selection.

Click on it and the comment window will appear, quoted and ready to answer.


and you even can quote a quote… great!, just like Bjorn.

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Way back several posts I was complaining that the scroll numbers were missing. It was such a pain to go through multiple steps to go the top or bottom of very long threads.

I’m very happy to report that the numbers are back!


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App Comunity Forum
Can someone tell me where to download it if it exists, Thanks.

Nvmd me, see Petri post below

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There is actually an app called Discourse Hub for this forum platform, it should work with this forum as well.

Edit: I moved this under the forum help topic.


It somehow created an icon and behavior like an app when I visited the board for the first time, but in fact it is a bookmark. It sometimes collides with another instance of chrome, but without big issues. It’s going to reload the page then.

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You can create a “home icon” for the forum on Android like this:


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