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Weird, and frustrating.

Have you contacted Support about that yet? How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)


No I was hoping it was going to work itself out/fix with an update. But thank you for the link and will follow it’s instructions now.


Definitely seems worth asking, since there have been several updates in the last few months.

I hope they help you figure something out!


Thank you and have summited my issue.


Good night, my name is Bernardo, I have an account with Empires, but I haven’t been able to play anymore

I have been fighting cancer for some years but, unfortunately all the possible treatments for my cure have not worked, I am not well, and I know that I probably won’t be able to fight for much longer … Anyway, I have friends who played for me several times during my hospitalizations and even used money in my account. I know that soon I won’t be able to continue, definitely… I was wondering if I can pass my account on to one of their email addresses … My google account is important to me and I want only my family to have access when I die… so I wanted to give my game account to one of them without having to use my email

I know it’s not something you normally do, but I’m asking you as a fan of the game, who wants the account to grow and evolve for a long time yet, if you can do this kindness I’ll be immensely grateful

Thank you very much for your attention and I apologize for any errors in this text, I am using Google translator

@Beralves I’m sorry to hear about your struggles, I hope you find comfort and peace somehow.

As the Forum is for players to talk to each other, none of us can help with your request, unfortunately.

We’re just fellow players like you, we don’t work for Small Giant.

You’ll need to contact Small Giant Support through the game. You can find instructions here: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

I will also message the Small Giant Staff to let them know about your post, so they can look for your contact to Support.

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Like @zephyr1 said, this item really needs to be discussed with SGG. I did do some research on their terms of service. See below. What you are requesting is not allowed. To have an exception made, you would need to talk with SGG.

Good luck in your endeavors and health. I hope you can continue to find enjoyment and peace here.


I really appreciate it if you can do this for me, I really care about my account in the game and I want it to evolve more and more, at the same time I care about my google account, I have personal files that I want only to my family has access

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I hope they’ll be able to help you, I sent a message letting the Small Giant Staff know you should be contacting them.


Io sono una persona invalido quindi richiedo che le ricompense siano uguali per tutti oppure eliminare tuttti coloro che come me non possono spendere. E mettere questo gioco a pagamento cosi dato xhe si sa chi può lo. Compra xhi non può niente. Mi scuso e vi ringrazio. Buona serata.

How do I post a new post in alliance recruitment…can only reply? Lol newbie to the forums

@OGdirty1Kanobi welcome to the Forum!

If you don’t yet have permission to create new threads, it’s because you haven’t met the basic usage requirements yet.

You can find those in the top post of this thread. It’ll only take you about 10-15 minutes to meet them.

I got it lol all good now made a post! Thx for the help :smile:


Hi! I can’t write in any chat. I don’t have any notification. Can you fix this issue? Because I don’t understand anything. I never violate the code of conduct.


Hi @Thaiss, welcome to the Forum!

As the Forum is for player peer support, no one can help with chat issues here, unfortunately.

You’ll need to contact Small Giant Support for any issues with chat in the game.

You can find instructions here: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

Hi, i invited my brother to play and he is now at level 12 and i didn’t get any vip pass or any rewards

I have contacted with support, but I don’t have any answer

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@Thaiss Support typically takes a couple of business days to reply, but in cases of chat bans, they may not reply at all.

Contacting them is unfortunately all you can do, though.

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How to update seson 3 ?

Wait until its release…


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