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There’s a setting for that in your preferences:


I didn’t go to trials thread and was still the first one suggested because is pinned by a moderator. This is why I said is weird the tournament thread didn’t show up, no matter how much I navigated :slight_smile:

Ah, I didn’t realize you meant the Suggested section. The threads shown there are determined by some mix of criteria that won’t always cause a pinned thread to show.

Pinning is mostly about making a thread show in the Categories view.


Well what do you know – thank you!

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hello i have a phone ALLVIEV 10 2019 and it tells me that the phone is not compatible with your game PAZZEL COMBAT

sâm., 9 nov. 2019, 17:17 Keith via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum a scris:

Im sorry. I’m not going to be able to help with this. Below is a link to support. It’s Empires & Puzzles support, but I assume they will be able to forward you to the right person. Puzzle Combat is not available in my area so I’m very unfamiliar with the specifics of that game.

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I am having the same issue and you wonderful support folks sent me the information however, I can’t figure it out…some of the options you suggested just aren’t on my phone…

Do you mean you’re having issues with the information that Support sent you?

If so, you’ll need to reply to their email. Everyone on the Forum (including me) is just a fellow player.

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Support is being so nice and helpful… it appears I need to contact google… I don’t use the email address that I probably used many years ago when I first got my phone so now I need to find that recovery and figure out how to change it all back to get my game back… what a flipping nightmare. I hate to give up the game, however, I may have no choice… I won’t start all over again, to many years, to much money, to many heros that will be lost etc… I just wish SmallGiant could just transfer my old account to the new game… would be awesome huh if they had that kind of tech.


Why does the Easter bunny hide it’s eggs?

it doesn’t want anyone to know it’s ******* a chicken.


Can someone help me with the codes for hiding a content? I am about to open a thread today, with dozens of ss and I need to hide them. Hiding not like in the post above me… Hiding completely like in the threads opened by Zeph. To reveal the content only someone clicks on that arrow.

P.S. But I’d like to know how it is possible to blur a text, like above :slight_smile:

When you’re typing it, tap/click the little cog (next to the calendar). Then hit the “hide details” one.

Code looks like this (no space between the [ and details):

[ details=“Summary”]
This text will be hidden

Blurring do the same. So hit the cog then hit “blur spoiler” option. Code looks like (again, no space between [ and spoiler)

[ spoiler]This text will be blurred[/spoiler]


So simple… Thank you!


What is going on with the forum? Deleted a lot of text and some weird black background… Though in the activity the text from the beginning is shown:

L.E. Never mind, I figured out… Apparently, if you let some space before a sentence, the entire paragraph is blacking out… (literally and not)

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Hi :slight_smile: I am so sorry. My English is not very good. But I need help. How I can unlock potencial? My hero have max level and I dont have button Talent Grid but I dont know why. What I must do for this?

His special skill should also be maxed. Yours is 5/8 only. Also, you may ask your teammates in alliance such elementary things.

P.S. To level quickly the special, feed five blue 2* heroes at once. You will see the percentage being 100% Or combined. Two 1* heroes are 20% such as one 2*. A dupe means 100%. So, if you have another Ulmer and you feed him, he alone will increase the special.


That is a common misunderstanding. What @Scarecrow said is correct. To be more specific, you can continue to level up your hero (as the button indicates) to increase the special to 8/8. The percentage is increased 5X from normal. For example:

  • feeding a 1* off-color yields 5%
  • feeding a 1* same-color yields 10%
  • feeding a 2* off-color yields 10%
  • feeding a 2* same-color yields 20%

That is why @Scarecrow recommended 5-blue 2* heroes - it’s a 100% chance to improve the skill (5 x 20%).

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OK, I am about to explode :rofl:

I submitted a ticket at support. Then opened a page to confirm whatever they need, saying that a verification link was sent to my email. OK… I go to my email, I click on the link, for confirmation, then ask me to choose a secret password… OK… But whatever I choose, this message appears: " Failed to update userPassword: must include letters in mixed case and numbers"
I included letters and numbers and doesn’t work…

Oh, but were your letters of mixed case?


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I have no idea what it means… That’s why I posted… Could you give an example?

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