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tag Petri. :slight_smile:

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how do I create a new thread in Alliance recruitment?

Welcome to the forum!

It appears you are at trust level 1 so you should be able to post. First, click on the category you want to post in. Below is a link to alliance recruitment, as that is what you are asking about. Once there, select new topic as in the image below. Let us know if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

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Hi what time does e&p use.
Atlantis if I’ve read right start 21st November.
Maybe I got that wrong.
Been 21st for me for a bit
And I think it’s gone 21st as far as GMT goes.
So what’s it based on now ?
New York time ?

Atlantis Rises starts at 07:00 GMT, which is about 6 hours and 40 minutes from now.

This post has more information: 🔱 Atlantis Rises – FAQ & Discussion – Next Nov 21, 2019

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Ok thanks , is this a start time often used for others events etc by e&p. Or a one off for Atlantis

Most events start at 07:00 or 08:00 GMT. It just depends on the type of event.

Great thanks for your help.:grinning:

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Is there a thread for this week tournament? If it is, @zephyr1 didn’t pin it, because doesn’t appear on my list, after I finished all the “unread” threads :slight_smile:

Here you go.


Weird, I did pin it. Maybe you weren’t looking in #gameplay-help-tactics?

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I don’t choose a specific category. But I thought a pinned thread should appear in my list below having priority over the others, no matter the category. Usually, after I wake up and look through all the unread threads, the pinned threads remain in the top of the list of the new ones. And it is weird indeed, because the trials thread was there, first in the list, but not the tournament one :smile:

Unfortunately, not always the case – once read, a thread is unpinned, until pinned again …

(Not saying that’s what happened to you – just that it keeps happening to me. I’ve taken to relying on bookmarks rather than pins.)

I didn’t read it, because I didn’t find it, so should have been shown in my list as pinned. Of course, I pinned it now, once I posted there.

There’s a setting for that in your preferences:


I didn’t go to trials thread and was still the first one suggested because is pinned by a moderator. This is why I said is weird the tournament thread didn’t show up, no matter how much I navigated :slight_smile:

Ah, I didn’t realize you meant the Suggested section. The threads shown there are determined by some mix of criteria that won’t always cause a pinned thread to show.

Pinning is mostly about making a thread show in the Categories view.


Well what do you know – thank you!

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hello i have a phone ALLVIEV 10 2019 and it tells me that the phone is not compatible with your game PAZZEL COMBAT

sâm., 9 nov. 2019, 17:17 Keith via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum a scris:

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