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Anyone can post an ad; leaders, elders, members. You have to spend a few days visiting the forums and reading/replying to other topics first before you can create the topic though. After a while you’ll get a notification that you’ve been awarded the ‘basic’ badge


Thanks Mantis for the info! I was wondering for the last hour why can’t I start a new topic :confused:

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How do I post adds on this main forum

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how do i post my own topic?

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@grizztheicegolem @Mschfmkr

You have to lurk for a few days until you get a notification saying you have the ‘Basic’ badge to make sure you’re not a spam bot, then a + icon will appear allowing you to create new topics.

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Thx for the reply I’m trying to post add for recruitment purposes to fill spots that are open on my team thx again for the advice.

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Hallo ik heb provisie 23 uitgespeeld en nu kan ik niet meer spelen???

@grizztheicegolem @Mschfmkr In case you’re still having difficulty posting:

New users have restrictions removed as soon as they reach Trust Level 1, and receive the badge “Basic”.

This is accomplished by any of the following:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Reading posts for a total of 10 minutes
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How do I make my own post? There is a part of the game I have a question about and Id like to see peoples answers

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Keep on reading the forums until you get the Basic badge qualification, then the new post button will appesr.

I literally answered this the post before yours. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m a new user and I’m trying to ask questions without replying to someone else post. How would I do that?

You need to get your basic badge. Once you have achieved this you will be granted ability to create your own topic. you can do this by entering multiple topics, and reading posts.

Ok thank you can you answer two questions for my alliance, we want to know if we all have to be at level 12 to join AW and 2 can we really feed defence teams to our stronger defense teams at stronghold level 10.

  1. Whoever in your alliance that is level 12 at the beginning of the war can participate. Please see Dante’s War Primer for more information on how Alliance Wars work.

  2. Do you mean Troops? At level 10 Stronghold, you will be able to convert a level 5 building (say a Forge) to a Barracks. In the Barracks, you will be able to feed lesser troops to the ones you want to keep, in order to raise their levels. NOTE: If you intend to participate in Beginner Events, you’ll want to save 1-2 2* Troops (one for each hero of matching color)

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Ok thank you this will help us alot.

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