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hello, thank you for the game. its fantastic. What I’m wondering is about alliance wars. Was explained that there would be two a week. Our alliance has only seen one, which started Wednesday. Thought there would be another this weekend, which hasn’t happened. May I ask why?


SG updated the game and said this weekend’s war would be on hiatus. The next one should be Wednesday.

Please read the Alliance War change log:


I am trying to update but the app keeps going around in circles between app and update and I can’t get into the game.


Try this, it worked for me this morning:

  • Turn game/device off/on.
  • Drag finger down in App Store or Gameplay to update the apps.

When I’m going to play, put a message that I have to update. The game send me to the AppStore but I can’t update, only open de game. What can I do?


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Have you tried this:

Scroll to the top of the App Store. Drag your finger down the screen to update it.

Let me know if it works. (I had to do this.)


I’m a new player and the update screen popped, I updated it but now it won’t let me into the game, the update screen in ther and let me into the game.

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Please contact Game Support:


To post looking for new member do you have to be the leader or can you be an elder?

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Anyone can post an ad; leaders, elders, members. You have to spend a few days visiting the forums and reading/replying to other topics first before you can create the topic though. After a while you’ll get a notification that you’ve been awarded the ‘basic’ badge


Thanks Mantis for the info! I was wondering for the last hour why can’t I start a new topic :confused:

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How do I post adds on this main forum

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how do i post my own topic?

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@grizztheicegolem @Mschfmkr

You have to lurk for a few days until you get a notification saying you have the ‘Basic’ badge to make sure you’re not a spam bot, then a + icon will appear allowing you to create new topics.

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Thx for the reply I’m trying to post add for recruitment purposes to fill spots that are open on my team thx again for the advice.

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