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Hi @Namcungvien, what did you need help with?

Thank you for replying my message. I have some problems, hope admin help me out

I accidentally clicked something that means now I can’t see “New topics”. I dismissed it somehow.
I liked that… any idea how I can get it back?!

I may have solved my own problem. Clicked dismiss originally (I think) but then new topics are there today as people have made them.

Do you know what you clicked?

I don’t actually Rook. Just tried to find what I must’ve clicked and … not sure!! I do remember the word “dismiss” in there somewhere but, cannae find it anymore.

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When I will permitted to upload the Images in to the forum topics, Because Image icon was not displaying in my mobile, to upload the screenshot

Odd. Which phone are you using? I use iOS/Apple and can see the icon just fine:

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I am using Red Mi Note 4, Android Version

Have you tried to contact support?

How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

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Yes for any game issues I am uploading the images and Screen Shot as a proof about the particular problem. but I am unable to upload the information in E & P Forum. Example TC 20 running status I got 8 to 10% of 5* heroes, and 4 to 5% of 5* heroes in general pulls. so far more than 300 pulls

Some times I am getting some funny things that I am getting negative messages I would like to share those screenshot in the forum

Have you tried using other device?

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Try a different browser to connect - for example, I’m on an iPhone and prefer Chrome over the Safari app for browsing the forum

Check your permissions - is it possible your browser is set to not allow access to your photos

Just to add - I’ve never had an issue adding photos here

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Not possible I feel something is blocking me. If forum allows me only I can add Images

Hey, look at that! Cute puppy :slightly_smiling_face:

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How do you manage to post it?

After getting frustration I am uninstalled the mobile application then I am tried with Chrome search engine installed the application then and again tried once again it worked, previously application was installed from Google play store.

Thanks to @VeryQuietly


I would like to have our family recruitment thread reopened. Any mods around?

Flag your own post. (the recruitment add post)
Choose “something else”
Write that someone should please open your topic again.

There mods will see it pretty fast because they get a notification.

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Thanks @ferg unbelivable that I have been on forum for 4 years, never flagging a post :rofl:

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