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I recognize you’re mad, but you’re just yelling at fellow players, so please be civil. :slight_smile:

If you’d like to comment and vote on summoning multiple tokens at once, there’s an existing post about that, which you can find here:

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No one is forcing you my friend to post any personal information or to apply to forum that you don’t like to be a member.
There is ingame support, you can always send ingame ticket to the support center where only developers and staff will be able to read it. Safty first, and no forcing.
Forum only been made to share & save tips between players who want to be members.
We like to have you with us to give your feedback, ideas and any other related thoughts about the game. By posting them in the correct sections to open a conestructive discussion that lead all of us players and game to some where.
Please chill, and tell us how to help you as forum members/MODs, and you will find that forum is a good place to be part of.

Have a great day


Neeeed help! I see that a lot find pages of the upcoming events dates side quests! Main quests per month what hero is at the end of each level color! I would love to know where and how they get this information please direct me if it’s here?

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@Majestabecca Here you go!

This is for monthly Challenge Events:

And this is for the Rare Quests roughly every 10 days:

And this is for the Class Trials:

And this is for the Seasonal Events:


Hi there, couldn’t figure out how to pm a mod or find a place to report specifically forum related issues other than here. Just wanted to report that so far tonight i have received 2 emails to change my forum password, neither solicited by me.

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Thanks, I’ll bring it to the attention of the staff.

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Thank you!

20 characters and such.

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Hi there. My brother in law got a big problem. He resetted hes phone but lost hes gmail and he dont know hes cant remember hes gmail because he never just it befor. What can he do to refind hes old acc so he can continue playin e&p . He allready puth a amonth of money in the game. Can some one pls help me out

Sadly no one here can help.

Maybe the support can help.


I just want to ask you about my advertising for recruitment in my alliance why you move all my add to my old one because I just want to open a new topic every 2 or 3 days maybe I can get some new ppl for my alliance but because you move them all time the ppl doesn’t reed because is an old topic???

@Nemessis #forum-rules only allow one thread per alliance for recruiting, but that’s actually a good thing.

The Forum software ranks threads based on number of comments and hearts, so reusing the same thread and posting in it repeatedly every couple of days will actually increase the visibility of the thread over time.

Because of that, many alliance recruiters have more success updating their existing thread instead of creating a new one. That way your post shows up as more popular in the rankings, thanks to the additional comments over time. So it’ll show up higher in the “Top” list.

And each time you comment on the existing thread, it will pop back to the top of #alliance-recruitment. So it’s just as visible as a brand new thread in the “Latest” list.


okay tks, I didn’t know that. Is very hard to find new recruits and actually in 13 hours a new war will start and the matching is ridiculous because my alliance is 4100 power and the other one is 11000 power so the results is already know unfortunately. May I ask you if you know someone who looking for a new alliance or maybe spred the words because you as moderator have big influence and that’s help a lot?? If you can’t I understand. Tks

This is very true! Running an alliance is a lot of work for recruiting, especially when you’re first starting out with the alliance.

Well it’s nice that you think moderators have big influence, but we have to recruit just like everyone else. :wink:

You can see @Rook (also a moderator, and much better known) recruited a couple people back in January, over the course of the month and several posts, as an example: *Original* MISFIT TOYS is currently [Archived - See new thread!] - #102 by Rook

Unfortunately, I don’t personally know people looking at the moment, but I’d suggest keeping an eye out on Alliance Recruitment, since people looking for an alliance sometimes post there every now and then.

I’ll also tag you if I see a post like that.

There are also some Line, Discord, and Facebook groups for recruiting. I’m only in one Line group, so I don’t know the details of other ones, but I know they exist. You could try creating a thread asking for people to share information on recruiting groups you can join. It’s still a hard time to find recruits that way, but it might help.

Are those your War Scores, like from here?


I agree that’s it’s very hard to find new players to join an alliance. If I could just suggest perhaps a better approach.

If I were looking for a new alliance I’d be asking myself " what can your alliance do for me?" Are you active, will I have the opportunity to learn, what are your policies regarding war and titan flags, etc.

From your post I’m getting the impression that you need new members to help you (of course, we all need that), but I believe a more effective approach would be to point out how you can help them!

I suggest you browse current and even past recruit posts in the Alliance Recruitment thread to get an idea of how to “market” your alliance.

You have a product to sell, i.e. your alliance. If you were selling an actual product, you wouldn’t succeed just by begging for customers. You’d need to SELL your product.

I hope this helps, and wish you the best of luck!


Don’t assume the battle is done just yet. It is possible that their alliance has folks sitting out this war.

As for alliance recruiting, my alliance looks for folks all over:

  • Forum AR thread
  • Game AR Chat
  • Line AR rooms (4)
  • friendships developed over time

We tell prospective players:

  • What Team Power they must have
  • Cups/Trophies (if any)
  • Titan *’s we kill
  • War requirements
  • Line or Discord requirements
  • Age (if it matters)
  • What personality type we’re looking for
  • Who WE are

You can choose to tell a stripped-down version of that. One alliance I’ve recently seen does a beautiful ad with just their name and TP req.

At the end of the day, your reqs only say what shape the doorway is. Your description of your alliance paints the picture of how awesome things will be if they walk through and join you. :slight_smile:



This sounds familiar :slight_smile:. Love the simplicity of a clean ad. We use something like this (and yes, we are looking for those who need a home):

:zap: US Warriors: Active and friendly US-based alliance seeking dedicated new members for titans and war. Looking for daily players with 1200+ trophies & 6 war teams. 100K alliance hitting 8-9* titans and utilizing a strategy-based war effort.*


Yours was the ad! :grin:


Excellent “product placement”. Never miss an opportunity :grin:


Hi, I came here to recommend a thing but will wait till I fit the requirements :slight_smile:


But that’s just the point - you don’t have an in game ticket. It redirects to this site for each and every one. I realise it’s not forced, I can simply opt not to give feedback - but when I enjoy a game, I want to give constructive ideas too - in this case though, you’re effectively forced to sign up to the forums to do just that, and that’s what I’m not happy about. And of course I don’t need to post personal information, that wasn’t my point - my point was I still needed to register with my email address and other details, which I would very strongly prefer not to. I’d rather stay anonymous, but be able to help with the progression of the game. Many other games I play have the possibility of in-game feedback, why not here as well - that way the forums can be a useful boon to those who want to be a part of the group and community, but those who don’t can still supply information/data/feedback from in-game instead.
And as I also said, to find you can’t even post right away takes the p*** - having to wade through stuff you have no interest in, and reply to stuff you have no desire to comment on, simply to be able to post the thing you originally wanted to do through the app itself. THIS NEEDS TWEAKING!!!

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