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Question: what is the max upload size for a gif or jpeg?

Tried to post a gif in the memes thread and it showed up as a blank post. I believe it’s probably because the file is too large, though I didn’t get any sort of message indicating why it didn’t post.

I will try splitting it into two gifs or making it smaller in the meantime to see if that works…

Good question. I don’t know. Maybe someone else will know. I believe if it’s too big, it gives a link to the website referenced. Not sure if it’s on your device already and not copy-paste from a website.


Uploading it from my device. I like putting the whole pic up, as people don’t usually click on links.

The particular gif I am trying to upload is 7.6 MB, which is probably a bit on the larger side.

EDIT: Yep, think that was the problem. Splitting it into smaller parts fixed it.

I think the limit is 5MB?

but no idea haha

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Probably lower than that. The original gif I tried to upload was over 7 MB, it did not display. Split it into one that was less than 3, and one that was less than 5. The less than 3 one uploaded no problem, the less than 5 one didn’t (so I had to make that one even smaller).

Guessing the limit is somewhere between 3 and 4.

I could do further testing on it later to confirm.

Hello zephyr1 I have a few problems asking for your help

Hi @Namcungvien, what did you need help with?

Thank you for replying my message. I have some problems, hope admin help me out

I accidentally clicked something that means now I can’t see “New topics”. I dismissed it somehow.
I liked that… any idea how I can get it back?!

I may have solved my own problem. Clicked dismiss originally (I think) but then new topics are there today as people have made them.

Do you know what you clicked?

I don’t actually Rook. Just tried to find what I must’ve clicked and … not sure!! I do remember the word “dismiss” in there somewhere but, cannae find it anymore.

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When I will permitted to upload the Images in to the forum topics, Because Image icon was not displaying in my mobile, to upload the screenshot

Odd. Which phone are you using? I use iOS/Apple and can see the icon just fine:

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I am using Red Mi Note 4, Android Version

Have you tried to contact support?

How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

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Yes for any game issues I am uploading the images and Screen Shot as a proof about the particular problem. but I am unable to upload the information in E & P Forum. Example TC 20 running status I got 8 to 10% of 5* heroes, and 4 to 5% of 5* heroes in general pulls. so far more than 300 pulls

Some times I am getting some funny things that I am getting negative messages I would like to share those screenshot in the forum

Have you tried using other device?

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Try a different browser to connect - for example, I’m on an iPhone and prefer Chrome over the Safari app for browsing the forum

Check your permissions - is it possible your browser is set to not allow access to your photos

Just to add - I’ve never had an issue adding photos here

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Not possible I feel something is blocking me. If forum allows me only I can add Images

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