Help with first 5* defense

So I thought I had settled on my first 5* rainbow defense but then made a few lucky pulls(namely Miki) and got a few good TC20 5 snipers and now I’m conflicted about how to proceed.

4 months playing
Alliance fighting 11/12* titans
Have decent maxed 4* stack each color

Raid defense to hopefully get near diamond

4* Mats:
7 scopes
9 rings
4 tonics
2 tabbards
1 darts

Here is my current leveling team.

As you can see, I used my first set of darts and tabbards on Seshat and Ranvir. I had already taken Lepus to third tier when of course Miki popped out, so I switched to him. Ranvir I had just ascended to final tier when Justice showed up.

Other Unleveled 5*:
Of note: BT +12

So purple, green, and yellow(dang it justice, one day too late) are set. I can max a blue but whom? Will Miki be such an improvement over Ranvir vs Titans that it’s worth having both maxed? Or should I do Lepus instead? Is Ares a decent diamond tank with this setup? Or do I max Marjana and wait on Justice?

Any and all help/advice appreciated and please let me know if more info is needed.

Thanks in advance

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Ares is really good tank, he will help your team stay in diamond Area and his buff is helpfull on green titans.

Miki isn’t def team hero. He is mainly for titans (if not only).
Magni is usefull everywhere, def/raid/titan/map/quests

Miki probably will be better for yellow, red and blue titans than Ranvir.

In your situation I will max Magni before Miki(take him to 3^70 for red titans)


You already have ranvir near maxed so its kind of unnecessary to have Miki fully leveled out (except for red and yellow titan). From what i’ve heard it doenst really fair well to attack titans with both ranvir and miki on same team. imo ranvir and miki both aren’t ideal for defense team.

I would bring up Magni and use the scopes on him. Bring Miki and Lepus up to 3.70 until you have materials later down the line. Use rings and max out Ares for defense tank. I would probably wait for a better 5star yellow like drake fong or joon to replace ranvir on defense team.

Btw, just curious, 4months of c2p and you have 4 HOTM? not to mention 4 other 5 star heroes… just super lucky on pulls?


I was about to say the same thing! @Radar1. Also mikis ability has a cap so it does stack with Ranvirs but not as well as you might think. Magni will be a great flank for a very long time. As far as his alliance doing 11s and 12s is the only reason I would have some consideration for miki for survivability but magni gets my vote.


Firstly, I wouldn’t take the frustration of being part of such powerful alliance with your roster. You re more than likely titan one shot. Also being a c2p for 4 months, I doubt your roster depth for war.

Secondly, c2p term seems relative, you’re appearing to me as a whale, having those 4stars am and 5s heroes takes an enormous amount of time to gather as a c2p

I recommend joining a smaller alliance.

I’d leave Miki aside, he’s more of a niche hero, you can’t afford to level him up yet. Definetely focus on magni.
All of the best


Joining smler alliance is bad idea IMO.
Even if you can’t really hurt titan (but OP definetly look like he can) but this is ok for other players in tho alliance - stay. When you fighting with high titans you have better chance for AM. (my alt is in alliance with 7* and 8* titans, my roster is for 4*-5* titans but I’m getting many mats from them what will help me grow faster.
Smaller alliance is good idea when you have already many maxed heroes and you want get some rest.

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Thanks for the advice all! Appears Magni and Ares are the consensus.

Its true, I have gotten incredibly lucky with my pulls the last two months. One 10 pull Atlantis in July, one ten pull Teltoc this month. Plus two 2 5* my first 10 tc20. I can never complain even when my luck turns, and it will.

Not sure on the mats, I’ve just always focused on Titans and being in an alliance where I’m fighting the highest possible ones, and they seem to come. Even if I had no business being there and snuck in the back door as low man on the totem pole. I do C/B on the 11/12 and am not frustrated at all. Just mana up Wilbur and Ranvir and pray to tile gods. Snagging Falcon and Jackal will definitely help. Compasses are another matter lol. I need those.

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Seshat, Ranvir, Ares, Magni and Lianna.
But since you’ve got Ranvir almost maxed and Master Lepus at 3 tier, I reckoned Master Lepus’s fast mana and Aoe will be devastating with Ranvir’s buff.
Magni with high attack stat and defence buff for three is quite useful on titan though.

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@AliceCooper, I was going to suggest the exact same defense including the same order.


If for defense only:

Ranvir - Seshat - Ares - Lianna - Lepus

Your lack of materials definitely makes it a little difficult to recommend more combinations.
Otherwise try the below based on your available mats (and assuming you have enough mats for at least a 5* of each color):

Lianna - Seshat - Justice - Marjana - Lepus

Miki is bad for defense similar to Ranvir. Very good for titans.

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