Help with Diamond Defense Lineup

I’m hanging around Diamond pretty often since getting Kunchen maxed out. I have been able to hit 50th global overall last night, but generally lose ~300 points very shortly when I get up to the 2700-2750 range.

I almost have my 4th 5* maxed (Evelyn, Kunchen, Frida, with Zim at 78) and I’m trying to figure out where to put everyone in my lineup. I currently have them lined up like this:

Zim - Frida - Kunchen - Evelyn - Li Xiu

I’ve tried out:
Evelyn - Frida - Kunchen - Li Xiu - Zim
Evelyn - Zim - Kunchen - Frida - Li Xui

basically every combo with Kunchen as tank… just curious what you guys would do? Alternatives to Li Xui I’ve used include Boldtusk, Kiril, and Hansel.

Future State:
I’m also just acquired Magni and Gravemaker, so if they were maxed would you go with this?

Zim - Magni - Kunchen - Gravemaker - Evelyn

Any help would be appreciated! Just curious what everyone else might do with these heroes!

I would run them in this positions:

Zimkitha near Kunchen would help him against G. Jackal, by clearing the team first she could remove blind from Kunchen and with their combination the other heroes would deals high damaging autoattacks.

When you’ll have Magni and Gravemaker you would also achieve faster & higher damage.


Zim - Evelyn - Kunchen - Magni - GM

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@AirHawk @FraVit93

Thank you both for your advice! When I get to the point of having Magni and Gravemaker maxed, what Holy hero would I need to pull to replace one of those 5? I have a feeling that the only TC20 hero that is “better” than those 5 is Joon and anything else is a HOTM/event pull. Is a rainbow team worth it?

I am sitting on 10 darts at this point, so if I end up pulling any holy i can ascend them to max.

Drake Fong, Onatel and Ranvir are viable flank options.


I like your future defense but for now, lack of snipers is going to be tough for you. You’re on the right track.

I consider how I would attack whatever defense lineup I’m considering, kunchen is a great tank but there are no heroes that I would fear facing your current lineup.

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Is Ranvir good for defense? I was thinking he’d be good against titans and was going to go for him, but was still kicking myself after not going after Onatel

Yeah, I agree. I pulled Magni from TC20 3 days after using my scopes on Frida. I did that because TC20 gave me Thorne and I figured Frida > Thorne and I think Frida showed up on Razors top 15 after she came out.

Should have held off!

He kept my WR defense over 60% wins in beta with subpar AoE heroes.

With Kunchen your Heroes would autoattack for 800+ damage.

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Nice! Thanks for the tip!

@shmup-o many would say you would have pulled gunnar if you didn’t use the scopes on Frida.

Frida was my first maxed blue too, no regrets. In fact I reached #1 using Kiril Kage Frida Victor Grimm a couple of months ago.

Not as good as Evelyn or Panther but still a top tier hero. And Gratz on Magni, I still don’t have him. :confused:

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