Help With Defensive Team

I’d love some advice on constructing my defensive team. I’m currently breaking into Platinum, I sit around 1750 to 1850 cups on average.

Main Team: 3250 power

Hansel, Grimm, BT, Khiona, Wu (all 4-70, Khiona 3-60)

This is pure offense. I can punch well above my paygrade but am weak on D.


3-60: Peters (used until I pulled Hansel)
2-50: Khagan, Kiril, Sabina
Unleveled: Sonya, Agwe, Melendor, Caedmon, Little John, Boril, Wu(2), Wu(3), Grimm(2), Kiril(2)

I have a propensity for pulling Wu lol.

How would you set up on defense? I feel like I need to replace Wu/Hansel as they are too squishy and the AI won’t use Hansel right. I’m thinking Caedmon for the cleanse and Kiril for more buffs…

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