Help with defense?


RNGesus has looked kindly on me lately and blessed me with several 5*, giving me more choices for my defense team. However I don’t feel like my heroes have obvious synergy so I’m struggling to put together the best team and decide what heroes to focus on.

I’m C2P, and it took me awhile to for 5*s to make their way into my gameplay, so I’m used to making the best out of my team of 4*. But now that I’m widening my roster, I’m ready to step up my game. Currently my defense stays around 2350-2450, and I’d like to work towards 2500 or 2600 in the future.

Since I am C2P, HOTM and special heroes don’t come my way too often, but now that I have TC20’s running constantly hopefully I’ll be able to add more of the vanilla 5*s soon, feel free to keep that in mind when suggesting my goal defense team.

Below are my current defense team, my available 5*s, and my available, maxed 4*s.

If I could have some advice on the defense team I should be working towards, and what heroes to work on leveling first, that’d be great!

Thanks so much to anyone who reads and replies! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking the best tank option you have is Guin, although at 1:1 she could take a while to level up. I love Boldie and he was my tank in Platnium, but consistently waking up in diamond, was a mission impossible.

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I’d generally go rainbow where sensibly possible… Then again, your greens are definitely your best colour.

I notice your bench pic doesn’t show BT’s costume - do any others have costumes?

Starting with tank:

Boldtusk can manage it, but with even with costume bonus and lots of emblems, he’s not going to cut it with the better 5* tanks… And you’ve got a couple of those.

Obviously Guin isn’t the meta trendsetter she was but she’s still very capable (but not maxed so irrelevant).

But the new Queen on the block is a monster tank too - Alfrike may be very slow, but she deals significant damage with mana control.

I’d definitely try setting up an Alfrike defence - if you can swing more emblems her way, I’d certainly do it (personally, I’d reset Kashhrek in a flash!)


So… Flanks?

Both Kadilen and Lianna can flank pretty well - Kadilen’s special is more defensive, giving you defence against special skills whereas Lianna has real killer punch… Lianna is more often used at wing, whereas Kadilen is much better at flank than wing.

If a healer is going to sit well anywhere it’s at flank - at wing, they usually fire too late to have much effect.
I’d seriously consider moving Boldtusk to flank, and with attack boost BT usually goes on the left.

Boril actually sits pretty well at flank… And almost necessitates a dispeller on attack.



Sonya with all those emblems has defence beef and she’s still fast… And gives you that useful left wing dispel. She’s not a killer sniper, but she’ll survive well - if you have costume (bonus, still use regular form) this would be even better.

Chao is fast and cuts mana (and you’ve got plenty of emblems there) but again isn’t a killer sniper.

Doubling up the greens… Running Lianna at wing (opposite side to Kadilen at flank) gives that punchy killer-sniper wing that can win a battle late on… It does mean running flanks in the opposite order, or running Sonya on the right.


Another option…

Double Lianna wings… This is a braver one as it means either running Sonya at flank (dispel) or running a defence without dispel, with Boril at flank.

So… A couple of possible setups to run and see how it works:

Sonya - Kadilen - Alfrike - Boldtusk - Lianna
Lianna - Boldtusk - Alfrike - Boril - Lianna
Lianna - Sonya - Alfrike - Boldtusk - Lianna
Sonya - Boldtusk - Alfrike - Kadilen - Chao

Basically… You’ll have to try it and see - it’ll usually become obvious which is working best.
Or perhaps that several are working well enough to do the job, in which case it won’t matter which you use.


Thank you so much for the detailed reply, I really appreciate it!!

Sorry I forgot about costumes! I have BT and Li Xiu’s maxed, unleveled I have Kadilen, Tiburtus x 2, Skittleskull, and another Li Xiu.

I will play around with some of your suggestions and see what works best - again I really appreciate the thought you put into it for me! :slight_smile:

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Kadilen’s costume is really quite good on defence… And it’s definitely worth doing even if you wind up preferring her regular form (though I don’t think you will).

Either way, best of luck :slight_smile:


+1 this. Kadilen costume at +14 holds me at 2650/2700 cup. Not even sure telluria would do the same since i don’t have gravemaker nor vela…
I use her as a tank with ursena and JF on flanks, Joon and seshat in wings.

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Alfrike is certainly a strong option

However, I’m surprised that you haven’t trained Guin. People say she is past her prime, but that is only in comparison to the rampant Telluria in my opinion. I changed back to Guin as my tank and she keeps me at 2600. You also have two good purple flanks if you wanted a yurple front

You could go

Kadilen Sartana Guinevere Alfrike Lianna

for an all 5 star defense. Possibly vulnerable to red mono but could do the job

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I just pulled Guin and I wanted to finish up Jackal before I started her! (I hate leaving heroes not maxed if they’re close lol)

But I like your idea and once I max Guin I will try it out! :slight_smile:

I just went up against a team that had both Guinevere and Alfrike and the second I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing because I could predict in advance how badly this was going to work out for the defense team and I was right. Here’s the problem, Alfrike goes off, but for your allies to succumb to Mindless Attack requires them to have their special skill charged. I just directed tiles at Guinevere who then reduced the mana on my heroes so they never were fully charged. I was able to wait out the effect then just destroy their team with my own Alfrike. Even better, if you have a cleanser on your team like I do (Snow White) and their Alfrike fails to hit her, then the Mindless Attack is dispelled anyway AND bonus Snow White does more damage because of it. Yeah it wasn’t much of a battle. All that to say putting Guin & Alfrike on the same team is a monumentally terrible idea, not the least being because they’re both wizards which makes it even worse for emblems.