Help with defense team

I’m trying to figure out my best defense team setup at the moment, and for the future with my current roster. Any help would be appreciated!

Current roster:
Elkanen (2-60)
Kashrek (3-60)
Gregorion (1-1)
Caedmon (3-44)
Melendor (3-60)

Richard (2-60)
Alasie (3-58)
Kiril (3-60)
Sonya (1-8)
Boril (1-1)
Grimm (1-1)
Thorne (1-1)

C. Kestrel (2-60)
Gormek (3-60)
Scarlett (4-1)
G. Falcon (3-16)
Colen (1-1)
Kelile (1-1)

Joon (2-60)
Gretel (3-51)
Wu Kong (3-60)
Chao (3-60)
G. Owl (1-1)
G. Jackal (1-1)
Hu tao (1-1)
Li Xiu (1-1)

Tiburtus (3-60)
Rigard (3-60)
Sabina (2-11)
Cyprian (3-38)
Boss Wolf (2-60)

Currently I’m using:
Pos 1. Gormek
Pos 2. Joon
Pos 3. Kashrek
Pos 4. Alasie
Pos 5. Rigard

In the future I was planning on putting Gregorion in there aswell. But I’m having a hard time picking a mid position (pos 3.) as I’ve heard Kashrek falls off in the later stages when they outdamage or debuff him. I kinda want Richard as mid position, but seeing he’s currently 2-60 and not being prioritized, I’m guessing I’m better off with a higher level hero. And I haven’t gotten any debuffers vs wu kong users either in my defense right now. My current level prio by color is:
Green: Gregorion > Caedmon
Blue: Alasie > Kiril
Red: Gormek > Guardian Falcon
Yellow: Wu Kong > Guardian Jackal
Purple: Rigard > Tiburtus

It depends if you’ve required materials for your 5-stars to ascend them to the last tier, you need 6 of each 4-star mat (tabards, tonics, scopes, rings, darts) and 1 damascus and 1 tome of tactics. If you don’t have that, you should focus on your 4-stars.

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I’m not quite there yet with the ascension materials. Only got like 3 of each of the 4* mats ish. Who would you mid position as a 4 star then?

Until you have the mats to ascend your 5*, I would use Kiril as your tank. Flank him with Tibs and Scarlett. Put Caedmon in the left corner and Chao in the right.

For leveling, prioritize getting Kiril, Tibs, Caedmon Scarlett and Wu Kong to 4/70. Then re evaluate your ascension materials. If you have what you need to max a 5*, do it. If you don’t, work on another 4* (Melendor, Rigard, Chao, Falcon, and Grimm).

Thanks for your input! Would you still get the 5* to 3-70 before working on another set of 4*? It’s kind of a shame not to use alasie etc though, she hits like a truck :stuck_out_tongue:

With very few exceptions, a 4* 4/70 will be stronger than a 5* 3/70. Those exceptions are generally ones with unique buffing specials like Delilah or Guinevere.


You could also toy with Rigard in the tank position. I used him (granted, he was 4-70) in this position for quite a while with decent results. I’m of the opinion that when building your stable, start with 3s, and when you have 2-3 of maxed strength for each color, progress to the next level of hero (4s, 5s, etc). That way you are always building while stockpiling the ascension mats you will need for later (stronger) heroes. But the best way to determine what works best for you is trial and error. Try a few different tanks and see how they work and how they affect the synergy of your team. And above all, work on getting some of those 4s FULLY ascended. Best Luck. :thinking:


For Defense - left to right I would go from KIRIL - SCARLET - KASHREK - TIB - CHAO


@markpessan Why? You want Kiril and Tibs to fire before Chao and Scarlett so they can benefit from the buffs.

I edited the text I was wrong =)

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