Help with defense team: need to decide on a center tank hero

Hello Everyone, new here but been a lurker. Look forward to contributing more as I progress myself in the game. I have been trying to improve my defense team, especially since I don’t feel like I have as good a center hero I could provide with my available heros, but it’s tough when your trying to ensure your team synergizes. Right now I have Melendor, li xui, Grimm, Khiona, Kelile as seen below. I am currently leveling up gormek to replace kelile and have as my tank center, but then thought that it wouldn’t benefit much to have both Grimm and gormek on the same team. Plus kelile is fast and does hit hard. I also am leveling up Chao to replace li xui. I like that his health and defense is higher for survivability, he’s fast mana and has higher attack special and does mana drain. As I see it, I could keep what I have, keep leveling Khiona and place her center when I get her stars higher, or I could level up Kiril to replace Grimm, then use gormek as my pulverizer in my tank position, which would provide me two healers, the ability to stack gormek and Kiril specials while providing a better tank. I also just got kashhrek who’s supposedly a great tank, but I already have melandor who is almost fully leveled. If only I could have just one more person added to my teams haha.

Don’t use grimm as tAnk please… Since Gormek and he have the same % of lowering defence, it’s ok have the 2 in a team

Li Xiu is actually meaningfully better than Chao for a defense team. Yes, she’s average Mana, but she reduces the Mana of all opponents when she fires. What she’s really pretty bad at is offense/titans.

Of the options you have, I’d say Kashhrek would be the best in absolute terms, but Li Xiu probably synergizes best with the rest of your heroes.


Yes Li Xiu is much better than chao, both offensively and defensively. A maxed chao even though he’s fast mana isn’t really very game changing. He doesn’t hit that hard and he only mana cuts one enemy. On defense, you’ll find he mana cuts the wrong target quite a lot. Li xiu actually makes a pretty good tank since you’re asking about tank spot. Tiles hit the center hero quite often, charging the tank special pretty fast. Li xiu doesn’t hit fhat hard either but the mana cut AOE is good. They’re both basically utility heroes, but mana cut on the entire team is a better effect. And you have debuffers which will help do a bit more damage. Also, using two ramming pulverizers on a defense team is actually pretty good! I used boldtusk tank flanked by Grimm and Tiburtus for awhile, it’s quite strong. Don’t worry about redundancy, think about effectiveness. A hit plus defense debuff is strong, hell yeah doubling up on it is good.


Appreciate all the advice. Definitely what I needed. That’s a good point about Chao not hitting the correct target. I wasn’t thinking about the impact of the program deciding on it, I have definitely won some battles due to the computer having my opponent hit the wrong hero. In that respect it’s probably safest to utilize AOEs when possible like Li, Grimm and Gormek. Only reason I’m currently using Grimm in the center is that I have him currently leveled with higher health and defense than my other hero’s. Also I’m trying to position Khiona between two of my hitters so she can affect them with her attack buff. In this regard I’ll keep leveling gormek and keep li xui, probably place them in the order of Mel, li, gormek, Khiona and Grimm.