Help with defense team at the edge of diamond

I would like some assistance. The following is the top of my roster. I am c2p, so probably won’t get anything better to work with soon. Just raided myself into diamond yesterday. oops?

Anyway, from this, what would you choose as a defense team?

i can ascend Kadilen and Zulag. everything else will take a while.

where i’m at, my offense eats whatever defense i see for raid munchies every day, regardless of formation, at least at where i’m at. nom nom! up up i go.

and then i instantly get raided for like 200 cups as soon as i log off. at least revenges usually aren’t a problem?

(i guess it’s the flip side of this:

(thanks TGW) )

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Just personal choice, I would go Rigard-Krampus-cKashrek-Tyr-Uraeus in a double formation.
cKashrek in the middle will allow him to give health boosts to everyone and Rigard gives you a second healer… although if you don’t like a second healer, you could always go Proteus. Krampus and Tyr upfront can be annoying if they fire and Uraeus is probably your best yellow, though Chao may be another option.

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Thanks! HA is still a few months away for me. just about to upgrade to SH22.

and yes, Chao is a pretty good option for now if i if i take him all the way on the attack path i suppose, until i get Uraeus maxed. i do have a lot of ranger emblems.

I guess regular formation would work as well. When completely ascended, Krampus alone should be able to keep you on the diamond side of the edge.

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