Help with defense setup, who to ascend next:)

Hi All community:). As I was lurking for about half year now I.m here:).

So as many people I/m going to ask you for help with my defense setup, and to advice who should be lvl-ed next.

So here is my bench.PNG

As for ascending and lvl-ing. I have all parts to ascend any colour 5* to max ( except dark as i have 4 tabbards) and many 4* also no stress here. So who would be next?

And next question. which path should i chose for BT?

And, what would you do. push WU and Jackal to +20 or finish at +18 and start f.ex. Wilbour?

And last one: When you look at the rooster: Vivica, Musashi, Leonidas? Who should get darts? (I have one set of darts)

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Anyone anything?:wink: emblems burning under my fingers;)

Kunchen, Vivica, Richard, Caedmon, Chao, Scarlet, Musashi, Kelile.

Leonidas and Margaret only, if there aren’t better options.

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I assume you r talking about order of lvl-ing?

What about defense setup?

Now i use: from left to Right;

Sartana, gaderius, gormek, Richard, jackal.

Boldie Jack Kun Musa Trito

Kelly Mele Li Rigs Triton

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Won’t it better to swap triton with bold Tusk?
First would be fire triton asking buff for healing And BT heal at the end, or dmg bonus from BT is more Effective?

Dmg before firing, heal up for the next round.

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Welcome @Aegir_einarsson, have no fear @Olmor knows his E&P!!
You’ll also likely get many more suggestions. But I would only like to add, answering your last question: VIVICA!!!

OK. Looking at my rooster And What have i maxed And what @Olmor said.

Would it be viable:

Bold, jackal,rigard,liu,triton?
If i would max kunch he will swap for rigard, And ofc musashi will swap for liu?

Or change it a bit And take bold, sartana, liu in the center, rigard, triton?

Ok, i get 6th dart So i can ascend vivica or musashi.

After next morlovia i’ll get 6th tabbard And can ascend kunch.

So i have question. Should i ascend musashi And improve attack skill or ascend vivica And improve healing abilities?