Help with defense for my alliance teammate

This is my alliance teammate defense team, and she’s losing too much cups in defense, and she’s looking for help.

Have this, but not fully ascended: Elkanen, Vivica, Khagan, Liana, and Leonidas.

No a single one purple/dark.

So? Any tips?

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Rigard evelyn thorne marjana joon



Thorne is best in the tank position.
Evelyn is a fast dispeler so she should be in the left wing.
The healer should not be a wing but a left flank.
Joon should fire earlier in the battle so as to blind the opponents.
That leaves the rogue Marjana in the right corner where she can avoid enemies’ specials.


Well, that’s curious. I’ll suggest this two for her, but we agree with Thorne tank. I voted before post here:

Evelyn - Rigard - Thorne - Marjana - Joon

But the point for Joon and the blind makes sense

I don’t see Marjana as a tank and not a Thorne fan but given the options, I’d vote for a Thorne tank too.



Evelyn on the left wing because she’s fast, and dispels
Rigard at left flank to cleanse and heal right away, while tanky enough to take a few hits, too. + Average speed (& slower) heroes should be flank/tank whenever possible to ensure they fire (aside from MN/Alby)
Thorne at tank since he’s the beefiest of em all + with average speed, it ensures he’ll fire earlier/more often
Marjana right flank because she’s also beefy in stats and can take a few hits
Joon right wing because he’s fast and squishy, so he’ll be protected


In my honest opinion, I would use Thorne as the tank flanked by Rigard and Joon
Good luck

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Evelyn Rigard Thorne Marjana Joon

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