Help with defence team, please

I have fully maxed, emblemed and limit broken the following heroes. Who do you think I should have on my defence team, in which formation V, ^, W or M, and in what position for each hero: Morel/Vela, Alfrike/Bast, Mother North/Lady Locke, Elizabeth, Odin

From left - Mother north, morel,Bastet, Elizabeth,odin
Formation ^. i mean reverse


Heroes I would say are rather obvious: Morel, Bastet and MN are much superior to the others in their colour.

Bastet is a great tank, MN should be in the back to revive. It also depends a bit how you have emblemed them. If you have def/HP emblems on say Liz you could play reverse (or W) with Bastet/Liz tank and MN in the back.
Or you can play classic MN-Morel-Bastet-Liz-Odin

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