Help with defence team just got Gregorion

I just got gregorian and need some advice for my defence team. Who would you replace and if so what should the line up look like?

my personal opinion , albi is one of the best hero you can have ;), maybe in future try swich alasie with magni

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And swich position with sartana

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Since your defense team is not using tiles to attack, I would say Gregorion is of no use for it.
And yes, it is GregoriOn, nobody is typing that name right.


There’s no reason to have Greg on your defensive team. Your current setup is better.


I wouldn’t replace anyone. Gregorian is not good for a defense team.

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Is it because he is an average speed? I thought he would be great with Delilah and all crit troops for the minion and tile damage?

Yup, average mana and not that durable stats.
Also minions can’t crit AFAIK.

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What is AFAIK?

And are you sure minions don’t crit? I feel like i see them crit doublish damage all the time…

As far as I know.

And I’m pretty sure. Elements do affect the hits (maybe you are seeing strong color hits?).

While I agree Greg is not gonna improve the op’s defense, I must point out minions can and do attack for crit damage. Even if you only have crit troops for a given hero, when Delilah’s minions are up, they will do double damage when they crit. After playing around with Delilah and Greg they do have nice synergy, but the minion damage is still not an effective way to win a fight. Fun for farming, and they will save ya from a one shot kill sometimes, but that seems to be about the most use for minions. Sorry for the tangent


Ok, then I was wrong, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info i do like the idea of Gregorion and delilah working together.

However the only real option would be for me to leave my defence the same or swap out either Alasie or Marjana for Gregorion.

I felt that he hits harder then Marjana but also give the crit boost…

However he is only average mana and Marjana is very TANKY…

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