Help with defence line-up and ascension order


as title says, what is the optimal line-up from left to right with those heroes? Let’s assume those unfinished are leveled 3/60 (or 2/60 for 5*)

The best I have come up with is (L->R):
Kiril - Rigard - Gormek - Evelyn - Proteus

but there’s most likely a better one, so please, share your knowledge!

2nd part of the question is: I got all color-specific mats for all the heroes (except 5* final ascension), but I’m short on gloves (weird, I know). Which one goes first, assuming I’ll get those gloves?

My guess is:

  1. Proteus, cos already love raiding with him and invaluable for events
  2. Evelyn, cos its the only debuffer I have and the 2nd best option would be 3star Berden, so might as well go for 5star and take her to 3/70 (or just play no green on defence)
    3 Gormek, cos pulverizer, ok as tank I assume (especially when fully lvled)
    4 Li Xiu, cos she’s just ‘meh’, good on defence and that’s it I think? But that’s my only 4*yellow so maybe?

Assuming I get Grimm levelled before I get the gloves, I’d put him as 2nd to ascend after Proteus (already got Kiril, so blue defence is covered).

Tell me where I’m wrong please :slight_smile:

Not that I’m advocating him necessarily, but you do have Gadeirus as a green 4*. He’ll level faster than Evelyn by quite a bit, but will be less useful long-term.

Anyone? 20characters :frowning:

Kiril, Gormek, Li Xiu, Proteus, Evelyn would be my defense team.

@RandaPandah if you’ve got a moment, I believe this gentleman could benefit from some team analysis and advice.

Alright, with leveling, I would actually prioritize getting a full rainbow team put together first. Although, Proteus is a game-changer, so I spose for now I could see omitting yellow. Eventually though, you should get Li Xiu (or even more preferred, Wu) leveled as your holy hero. Also, I would look into leveling Grimm to replace Kiril, and Boldtusk to replace Gormek. Grimm is a better pulverizer, and Boldtusk makes an excellent tank and he buffs attack and heals. Kiril is awesome, but doesn’t excel as much as Boldtusk on defense.

Red: I’d get Gormek to 60, then Boldtusk to 70. If you have enough mats to ascend Gormek after BT, then I’d go ahead. Although, if you make any pulls during Atlantis and nab Wilbur, I’d put him ahead of Gormek. He’s a much better defense down hero than Gormek, though it is always nice having all of them eventually maxed.

Blue: Finish Kiril to 70, then definitely get Grimm up and running.

Green: Finish Evelyn to 60, but then I’d work on Gadeirus to have more green heroes. Evelyn works best with a few other greens, so he will help with that. Plus, he’s awesome for blue Titans.

Yellow: Li Xiu for defensive purposes mostly, but the mana cut is nice. Hu Tao last.

Purple: Rigard is maxed, that’s good. Definitely Proteus next for the mana block, it’s amazing. Ameonna can be nice for yellow titans, so worth considering leveling if you don’t get any other purple options by then. Although, I’d put Tiburtus before her, Sabina too.

If you’re not leveling/ascending rainbow specific, and don’t care about running a rainbow team (which I do, but that’s your call), then I’d level Proteus first, then Grimm, then Boldtusk (since these are the best 4* heroes in your roster). After that, it’s really your call.

I’d probably do Gadeirus before Evelyn because his stats will be better, he’ll be cheaper, and he’ll be leveled much faster. That way, when it’s Evelyn’s time, she won’t be all alone in the green category. & I’d do Li Xiu if you don’t get any other yellow options, because you have absolutely no yellows, and it’s always best to have a few heroes in each color leveled/maxed. It’s nice to have all of the pulverizers leveled, but Gormek is probably the least important of the three, and I value BT way more. Especially if you make pulls during Atlantis, Wilbur will fill that role much, much better. Gormek is still worth eventually maxing, but not ahead of Proteus, Grimm or Boldtusk, especially if you’re short on the mats.

Eventual Defense Team:

Full Rainbow (Preferred):

Evelyn-Grimm-Boldtusk-Proteus-Li Xiu

I prefer fast in the wings, but not enough fasts to choose from. The most important heroes, that you for sure want going off, should be flank (especially since they’re usually average mana) to ensure their mana gets charged. Honestly, your best tank option is Boldtusk due to his beefy defense and health stats and his incredible attack buff, but Li Xiu could also tank well for you. You could also try Gadeirus there too, although I haven’t had much experience with him to know exactly how well he fits that role.

The team you have now, how I’d arrange it (out of the five you listed):


I don’t like having Kiril in the wings, but I don’t see anyway around that with two healers on the team. You definitely don’t want both healers on the same side, nor do you want the same color next to each other either. Typically, I’d want Evelyn on the left to dispel first, but the attack buff might be more critical. Same with Rigard’s cleanse, better on the left, but no way around that [that I can see]. Just always remember, Al moves from left to right, so you want attack buffs, defense downs, dispels and cleanses on the left.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask anymore questions you may have. Good luck :blush:

wow, after such essay I don’t think I need any other :open_mouth: (but anyone feel free to post, if you got some thoughts). Thanks Pandah, much appreciated.

One last question: how would the rainbow defence look for now (before I lvl BT and Grimm), counting Li Xiu in? I guess Proteus has to go till he’s fully maxed, but what about other’s placement?

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During a war a couple weeks back, one of our opposing teams had a Gadeirus as their tank. I went through 3 flags just trying to pop a hole in the middle. Teamed up with Proteus and any other of the Atlantis family will give you a defense increase for family bonus.
Get Triton and that would be a pretty awesome family bonus of 10% to defense. Just the two together is an extra 5% to both Gad and Proteus.

hu tao is actually a rely good pixel to get up i would also work on
bold tusk asap,

Okay, using the heroes: Rigard, Kiril, Li Xiu, Gormek and Evelyn

Kiril-Gormek-Li Xiu-Rigard-Evelyn

Again, not ideal to have your cleanser and dispeller on the right, but I think the attack buff and defense down are more important [to have go first]. This way, Li Xiu is your tank, cutting your opponent’s mana before they get a chance to shoot. Which will then allow Gormek and Rigard enough time to charge; Gormek will weaken the opponent, making them easier to kill, and Rigard will ensure your team survives. Kiril will eventually heal and buff attack and defense, and Evelyn to hit fast and dispel. I’d go with that lineup for now, at least until you get a few more of your other heroes leveled.

Feel free to ask anymore questions you may have; I’m always happy to help :blush:

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