Help with building a legendary team plz

I would be ever so grateful to get some help with creating my first ever legendary tier. If I was to take a guess I would think it would be Zeline, Boomer, BT, Gormek, and Sonya. For epic I used Chao, Boomer, BT, Gormek, and Sonya. I completed it all without using items other then the final level and I only needed to use minor health pots, arrows, and two axes. I have 5 miracle scrolls, 20 super mana pots, 7 time stops, 1 tornado, 20 dragon attacks, 7 super healing pots, 4 super antidotes, 20 bombs, 16 revive scrolls, 47 axes, 89 potent healing pots, 44 mana pots, 54 arrows, 52 healing pots, not enough baners, and way to many of the rest lol. What would you use without making anything else specifically for the event?

Thank you in advance. I love this forum. You guys have helped me grow just as much as I have figured out on my own and help from my alliance.

Well, absolutely nice roster and what Team you Chose will be your personal choice I think. I would Level LiXiu and exchange her with Chao. Her mane reduction has effect on complete opponent Team. I would love to have her…so gratz! :heart_eyes:

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For legendary you probably want to double purple since it is strong against yellow.

I would suggest Rigard Boomer Zeline BT Sonya

Gormek would be nice to but I think doubling purple would be the better idea given the refelct yellow.

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I have had better success doubling red rather than purple. Double purple take double damage from the yellow mobs and bosses. Double reds are strong against the green mobs and at least neutral against everything else


I can see how that would work too.

I had good success with doubling purple, didn’t struggle any until stage 10.

I used a maxed team of Tiburtus Grimm Rigard Wu Caedmon

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I’m using BT, Colen, Grimm, Caedmon, and Sartana, all maxed


I wish I had Sartana…

I am no moderator…


I was trying Rigard with Boomer but it didn’t seem like I was doing enough damage with the two so I switched out Rigard for Gormek. For the earlier stages I think Gormek will help me get through them faster and then switch out as they start coming closer to dead each level. Thanks all for the info. Going well so far.

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Hm, until now I was under the impression that when AI plays, hit is just done with hero attack, not taking colour into the equation. Based on that topic about tile damage calculation.

Any more info about your statement?

On Epic and Legendary I used Sabina 4.50, Tib 4.27, Scarlett 4.50, Lancelot 3.60 and Wu 4.65, no, none maxed, and yes, no change between levels. I start feeling more trouble after level 5 of Legendary.
I’ve spend like in total less than 50 bombs, axes and arrows. And some mana potion, usually to kick Sabina to heal all.

I finished level 9 on Legendary, preparing now for 10, but I don’t think it’ll be impossible.
However, I’m aiming for finishing, not for some top score ATM.

BTW, to all here, did you know that when you click on each player on the leaderboard - you can see the team they’re using?

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Sounds good.

To be honest those little minions are super annoying and never seem to die.

Stage 10 was tough for me. Took me 3 tries.

Try to take out Owl first as he gave me the most trouble the first time.

As with other events try to go into the bosses charged. I bring bombs axes arrows and 225 health potions. I unleash all my items first thing, fire Wu, and hope he is having a good day.

Then I try to pick one of the bosses and throw tiles at them and hope not to charge the others too quickly.

If your comfortable with health you can def bring some mana pots for extra specials on the bosses.

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Yeah, until today I was focused on killing them with tiles and specials. And always wondered why people are saying they’re running low on axes, bombs, when I barely need it :rofl:
No wonder they can finish in 2 minutes, and on last month event I needed 40 for last stage :rofl: (last try, it took me also 3 or maybe 4)

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A lot of the top players spend money and have everything maxed. So they have a lot of options and can pick teams who specials gel together used correctly.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the option yet (maybe never will but if I max more I will have more options at least).

So my strategy is simply hit em hard hit them fast and hope they don’t get too many specials off. It has worked for the last few events since I was able to complete legendary.

Thanks everyone. I didn’t even realize how well my Hero’s complemented each other but I did it without using a crap load of items. They should include the forum it the tutorial.

Fwiw here is my Legendary team for this event. I used this same team in all 10levels. Currently sitting in 6th place:

I’ll note for the record that only Falcon is a non-standard hero, and a 4* at that, and I’m only using two 5* heroes.


Very nice. I just got G. Falcon. I only bought 200 gems to get to 900 gems and got him on the third pull. My Zeline is only at 3.7 but her atk debuf really helped. The rest was maxed 4*s. Boomers protection from yellow really helped.

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