Help with Atk / Def Teams?

Hello can you help me with what team i shouod use on my defense team and what team for attack?

Judging only by your picture your defense team should have both Sabina and Kiril, I see Kiril as a tank more often than Sabina. But at least with those two you have Kiril giving you an offense/defense boost and Sabina to dispel buffs. Now as far as who to flank with, I’m thinking Berden and Scarlett. And then you can have Bane and Sabina on the outside. If it were me I’d see how that went.

Attack team. First off where are you on the map?

I hope it’s okay that I changed your title; hoping to get you more responses. :+1:

You’re a long way from anywhere for now, but you got some good heroes there. My advice? Don’t focus on defense until much later. Focus on attack for now. And especially on creating a team able to defeat the high stages of rare quests, class quests and events. You have some good 4* heroes there, level them as soon as you get the mats. They can be the skeleton of a nice attack team. One more thing. As soon as you get 4 warm capes ascend Kiril. Don’t take Misandra to the next level until Kiril is maxed. It’s a trap. You won’t have what it needs to max her until much later in the game, she’ll be stuck at 3/70 like forever, while a maxed Kiril will serve you real good for a long time.

For defense you could try Kiril as tank, flanked by Gormek on the left and Scarlet on the right, with Sabina in the left wing and Danza as right wing.

You win things on attack, you slow down loosing cups (which don’t mean all that much) on defence. Don’t bother much about defence for half a year or so. Build a deep roster of maxed 3* and 4* heroes to help you win challenge events, rare quests, wars, titan hunts etc. Those activities help you get rare acession materials to ascend 4* and eventually 5* heroes. I’d say - focus on 3* and 4* until you have about 30 maxed ones of those. 5* take for ever before you have 4 training camps at lvl 11-20 and a food production to meet the demand (say 9 farms and a watch tower at lvl 15+ and food storage close to 4X20.

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