Help with Anzogh, Frida, Ranvir, Sartana

My friend needs help with his defense.
He’s thinking in: (my suggestion actually)
Frida - Buddy - Anzogh - Sartana - Ranvir

He doesn’t have a good tank
Buddy with level 20 talent (he’s reseting Chao).

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Put BT +20 in tank instead of Anzogh.

Frida Buddy BT Sartana Ranvir

Not optimal but should work ok.

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Just be aware that Ranvir on defense can go very poorly if the attacker is using Neith, Joon, Drake, Hu or Justice. If any heroes on the defense get blinded while Ranvir’s buff is active, their attacks are almost guaranteed to miss. It makes it worse if Ranvir is in the wing.


He’s using a double purple team, with Ranvir in the right flank but it’s not working now in the uper diamond arena.

If he use a double color, which one?

With that bench I would run

Frida - Buddy - Anzogh - Sartana - Chao (with emblems)

Buddy doesn’t need the emblems. You can never get his attack up to a respectable level and his durability is already at a 5* level. Chao makes better use of them.

Anzogh is not a bad tank with emblems and paired with Buddy or another def down, he can deliver a major blow with the defense damage bonus. I got nearly wiped out by that combo and is what started me into researching Anzogh and soon after maxing him.

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