Help with alliance war defense team

Rigard and Lianna + who?

Main question is tank. I’m thinking of Kashhrek as temporary solution until Elkainen is ready.


What does CW mean? Are you just trying to make a raid or war defense?

Lianna is your best tank atm. Wu is terrible on defense.

Clan wars. War defence.

Ouch, thanks

I wouldn’t bother ascending Kashrek, he’s overrated as a tank imo. Boril is a better 4* tank but once you have ascended 5* you want them tanking instead of 4* imo.

Sonya-Tiburtus-Lianna-Leo-Kelile (once she’s finished, could use Scarlett for now)

If you pulled your monk emblems and put them on Leo he can tank. You’d switch him and Lianna. You can use Rigard costume over Tibs once he’s maxed. Dunno why you’re thinking of using any heroes that aren’t maxed.

Mana speed is hugely important on defense. Fast heroes rule the day and ideally everyone outside the tank is as fast as possible. Lianna and Leo will be on your defense for a long time as your first 5* maxed.

Long term is a totally different question.

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Me too, but he shines vs low lvl (or skill) enemies.

I’ll try. Thanks.

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